Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gift IdeasSentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas are among the most sought after presents of Valentine’s Day. We all want to be the one to find that perfect gift that says “I truly cherish you” but sometimes that can be tough when the mall offers little more than cheesy stuffed animals, jalapeño boxers and singing Hallmark cards.

That’s why this week I have devoted a little time to exploring some of the best sentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas on the web. If you see one you like simply click, ship and your shopping is done, my friend!

Picture Perfect

These sentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas from are perfect for showcasing your favorite photo of you and your sweetie. Personalize this adorable frame and fill it with that picture of you proposing, your wedding photo or even the photo of the first day you met for a sentimental present they are sure to treasure forever.

Helpful hint: This gift is perfect for the wife or hubby with their own office. They can rest this gift right atop their desk!

A Day for Memories

Ever wanted to devote a day to just you and your sweetie? Save that wedding date or first kiss moment with My Day Registry and their unique sentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas. You can register your special day in the World Day Registry with a few simple clicks of your mouse. And once you register a day it’s gone for good. Only one person can “own” each day!

Your purchase comes with a framed certificate of registry for gift giving along with a web page for uploading photos, precious moments captured on video and even for sharing with friends!

A Star For You

A few of the most beloved sentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas can be found at Online Star Registry. Chances are we have all heard of buying a star but now the company has branched out to offer gifts that come along with your star purchase. This makes the gift a little more “meaty” and gives you something to wrap up in a pretty package. We especially love the little Shining Star Friends!

Artful Emotion

Create a piece of art from your favorite wedding photos, engagement pictures or even your silliest of shutterbug moments. At Canvas People their sentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas have something for every couple’s personality and when you give one of their products to your special someone it’s sure to make its way to their favorite wall!

Coin Keepsakes

When you think sentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas you might not think “coins” but they make terrific keepsakes. My father collects coins religiously and I remember the year he bought my mother a coin from the year that they met. She still has it to this day and the grandkids love to look at it every time we stop by for a visit.

I hope that you found a few of my sentimental Valentine’s Day gift ideas helpful. And hey, if you find any of your own send them my way. I’m always on the lookout for the best gifts on the web so I’d love to hear your ideas and who knows, you might just see them here on my website!

Got any Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas floating around in your own noggin? Share them with me and our other gift seeking readers. We would all love to hear your ideas! We might even feature them on the site!


  1. Wow. They are great. You have really played with my emotions with this post. All the gift ideas as World Day Registry, Star Registry, Artful Emotion
    and the Coin concept are really very nice. This post is awesome, thanks for this nice post.

  2. what great gift ideas, too bad i’ve already bought my gift for my sweetheart for this valentine. i will definitely save these ideas for next time though. 🙂

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