Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

Romantic Valentines Day Gift IdeasTick. Tock. Each day brings us closer to Valentine’s Day. And each passing day many lovers find themselves hunting for those romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that will make their partner tingly from head to toe. After all, this is the day when it’s acceptable—even expected—for women and men to get goo-goo-eyed. Take a seat and read up on how to be the next Casanova (you can thank me later!) Here are 10 romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for a romantic day and gift you’re lover will never forget:

Remember A Special Day

scavenger hunt romantic valentines day ideaWhether you’ve been together for 3 months or 3 decades, you’ve collected a calendar’s worth of dates that are precious. Now you can remember that day by officially registering it with My Day Registry. One of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, it comes with a keepsake certificate and a secure online profile to share event memories.

Turn it into a game by giving her clues that relate to the day. When she gives a correct answer, give her a small gift reminiscent of that day, like a cupcake the same flavor as your wedding cake or shells from the beach where you proposed. After she answers all the clues correctly, award her the big gift of official registration of your shared day.

Get Intimate

intimate night by the fire romantic valentines day ideaCall that babysitter because this is one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas. Greet your sweetie at the door and slip one of these silky satin masks over their eyes. Take them by the hand and lead them to a luscious rug, where you’ll remove the mask to reveal a bottle of bubbly, special champagne flutes, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Remember to crank up that fireplace for an extra dash of romance. No fireplace? Simply rent a virtual fireplace for your TV from Netflix.

Relax Into Romance

relaxation bath romantic valentines day ideaBusy lives snuff out romance for even the most passionate couples, so make time this Cupid’s Day for relaxation. Does she love a warm bath? Indulge her by tricking out your tub with this rose petals and candles kit. Just add gourmet chocolate or a glass of her favorite wine. Or perhaps your sweetie is a sucker for a massage. Grab massage oil, pair it with an album of love songs, and you’re ready to transform your bedroom into a quiet spa. Talk about romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for an unforgettable night!

Rev His Engine

Rev his engine with lingerie romantic valentines day ideaIf you’re looking for romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, nothing quite says “love” like sexy lingerie. Send your lover a panty gram with a note saying, “Meet me later at….” Then, after your guy has spent the entire day with you on his mind, greet him at the door wearing a sexy babydoll from Flirty Lingerie. Whether you choose a naughty maid’s outfit or a strapless corset, you’ll be giving him a Cupid’s Day that will knock his socks off, literally.

Make Her Day

make her day with jewelry romantic valentines day ideaReady for one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, the kind that will have her bragging to her friends? The morning of your date, leave her a box with a sexy cocktail dress, like these from ChloeLovesCharlie. From a red stunner to floral loveliness, you’ll find a style that suits your sweetheart. Inside the dress box, gift wrap a pretty necklace. Overstock Jeweler has all the sparkling, sterling, or glittering pendants and necklaces you want to see draped around her neck.

Fantasize Into Fun

costume role playing romantic valentines day ideaIf your favorite date is dinner-and-a-movie, these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas are for you. Have fun with a costume from Halloween Mart. Whether you and your honey love the Pirates of the Caribbean series or can’t resist a good gangster movie, you’re sure to find just the right costume for dress-up play. And, if your movie tastes run to the vampire side, you’ll even find sexy vampire costumes that will make you want to start nibbling your Valentine’s neck.

Make A Movie

make a home movie romantic valentines day ideaWhen it comes to romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that run a little on the naughty side, you can’t beat lingerie from Secret Moments. Choose from their line of role-playing lingerie, from school girl to French maid. Once you’re, um, dressed, you’re ready to star in your own private movie.

Whisk Away For The Weekend

convertible drive romantic valentines day ideaThere are few romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that generate more “Oh my gosh, you didn’t!!!” reactions than the weekend getaway. Whisk your lover away to a country B&B or rent a convertible and cruise down the coast.

Play House

baking together romantic valentines day ideaIt was fun when we were kids, and it can be even more fun as adults. Get in the mood for these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas by getting flirty aprons for each of you (yes, you can find flirty aprons for men). Then bake a batch of your favorite cookies. Not a baker? Just grab bagged or refrigerated cookie dough. Use this chic heart cookie cutter set, and decorate with Valentine-themed decorations. Once the masterpieces are done it’s time for the fun part: feeding them to each other.

Picnic In The Park

picnic in the park romantic valentines day ideaA soft blanket. A yummy meal. A sinful dessert. An intimate picnic is guaranteed to put your partner in heaven. Go gourmet by getting the personal picnic basket by Edible Gifts Plus. Then it’s time for the ultimate in romantic Valentine’s Day ideas: read a love poem you’ve written. (Hint: Get in touch with your inner Shakespeare with this poetry help book.)

Don’t spend one more minute worrying about Valentine’s gifts. Whether you register your shared special day or picnic in the park, you can make this Cupid’s Day the one your love will remember.

Do you have romantic Valentine’s Day ideas of your own? Share them with me and you might just see them featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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