Remembrance Gifts for the Loss of a Loved One

remembrance gift ideas for the loss of a loved oneThere is nothing quite as heart-rending as saying farewell to someone you love. After a loss, there are days it can be difficult to put one foot in front of the other, much less celebrate the life that you miss dearly.

In an effort to ease that inevitable hurt, I have put together some remembrance gifts for the loss of a loved one. These gifts will not only allow you to keep your loved one’s memory close at hand, but they can also provide real comfort during times of transition. If you’re seeking a remembrance gift for the loss of a loved one, here are a few suggestions that can make a real difference in the lives of those who carry their memories:

Memories Shining Brightly

shine on brightly necklace remembrance giftLaunched in 2008, Shine On Brightly offers a wide selection of decorative cremation urns and other beautiful memorial objects. Adrienne Crowther began providing memorial gifts through the company after two substantial losses. She is committed to honoring her loved ones and the loved ones of others with the beautiful pieces she provides. Friends and family members can purchase memorial glass, textile art, and exquisite paintings that help preserve memories and pay homage to those who have passed on. In addition, lovely hand-made memorial books are available. Crafted from hand-marbled paper and silk, they are a beautiful way to memorialize a life with photos, written stories, and small souvenirs. The books come with elegant clamshell boxes for protection and display, and can be personalized with your choice of papers and fabrics to cover.

Commemorate Your Loved One

dedicate a day at my day registry remembrance giftCelebrate the life of a loved one as you commemorate the day they were born. The My Day Registry will send a framed certificate memorializing the birthday or another special day of the one you want to remember. In addition, friends and family members can post video, music, photos, and expressions of love to an online profile that can be viewed and shared again and again. It’s a magnificent and thoughtful gift that allows you and others to remember a loved one well for days and years to come.

A Memory Fit For Royalty

royal empress tree remembrance giftPlant a tree in honor of your loved one. There are some beautiful choices from the Fast Growing Tree Nursery that not only grow quickly, but remain beautiful year after year. They offer trees that bloom beautifully in full color like the Knockout Rose Tree and somber green ornamental trees like the Sky Pencil Holly, but my personal favorite is the Royal Empress Tree, which can grow upwards of 18 feet in the first season and exudes a wonderful fragrance that has been described as similar to the scent of gardenia and jasmine. Gorgeous lily-like flowers and wide branches make it a phenomenal choice to add to the landscape of a memory garden or a favorite spot in your own backyard. Best of all, every time you stop to ponder the rapidly growing Empress, you’ll be reminded of the wonderful life you were blessed to be part of.

Memories in Focus

photobin photobook remembrance is a company dedicated to memorializing your loved one by preserving precious photos and videos. Simply send them the photos and or videos and they turn those memories into remembrance gifts great for memorial services, family gatherings, and even time alone dedicated to the memory of someone dear and special. They offer photo, video, and combination packages — and the results are heartwarming. You can choose from an assortment of photo books, keepsakes, and different photo gifts that can be treasured by all those who were affected by the loss.

Quiet Moment Memorials

memorial sonnet wind chimes remembrance giftThis Memorial Sonnet Windchime is a quiet tribute to someone special. Made to be placed on a porch or deck, the windchime features a personalized sail with the words, “In Loving Memory of…” and each of the tubes bears a special sentiment that is almost poetic in nature. This lovely chime is sure to be a treasured gift that can be enjoyed often and is sure to bring back wonderful memories along with its rich tones and chimes.

No, it’s never easy to lose someone you love. If you have a friend or family member who is dealing with difficult loss, consider doing something to memorialize the life of the one who has passed on. A gift of remembrance for the loss of a loved one is a gift that will provide comfort and keep the memory of your loved one alive and vibrant.

Do you know of some wonderful remembrance gifts for the loss of a loved one? Please share them with me, I love to hear your ideas!

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