Remembrance Gifts for a Death in the Family

a sunrise with bird representing remembrance gifts for a death in the family No one can heal a heart broken by death. But we can find ways to offer comfort, healing, and hope to family or friends who have lost loved one. So when you want to find appropriate remembrance gifts for a death in the family, it can be difficult to choose just the right one. But I’ve found 5 unique gifts that will help honor the memory of a deceased loved one:

My Day Registry

Dedicating a day remembrance gift for a death in the familyMemories are part of the healing process. One way to remember a lost loved one is by dedicating a day in their honor through My Day Registry. With this company’s unique database, you can dedicate a day in the deceased’s name. The family will receive a framed parchment certificate to display in a place of honor. You’ll also have access to a secure online profile, where you can upload photos, music, and video of the loved one and share them with family and friends. My Day Registry is truly one of the most touching remembrance gifts for a death in the family.

Fingerprint Memorial Jewelry

fingerprint memorial jewelry remembrance gift for a death in the familyFinding remembrance gifts for a death in the family is never easy, but Imprint on My Heart offers a sweet idea: fine fingerprint jewelry keepsakes. The company uses a fingerprint impression or ink fingerprint card from a deceased loved one and transforms it into a wearable memory. Each piece is custom created and available in a range of designs, from necklaces to rings, from sterling silver to 18k gold.

How does the process work? The company will send a fingerprint kit that includes mold impression material and an ink card. Overnight shipping is available to funeral homes or mortuaries; however the website notes you can use a dark craft ink and white paper to preserve the fingerprint. Impressions can also be created using a photocopy of fingerprints previously taken for ID cards. The imprints or cards are digitally scanned into a computer and cast into the design you choose.
Imprints on My Heart also offers fingerprint-free options. Remembrance gifts for a death in the family include a pendent that encases a lock of the deceased loved one’s hair. You might also choose to have jewelry engraved with a message from the loved one by sending a photocopy of one of their handwritten notes.

Remembrance Tree Ornamental Globe

ornamental tree globe remembrance gift for the death in the familyWhen you’re looking for remembrance gifts for a death in the family you should consider this sweet Remembrance Ornamental Globe. The 6” diameter clear glass globe showcases an interior glass tree trunk and branches. The upper portion of the hand-blown ornament is decorated with delicate leaves. While this piece could certainly be used for a Christmas tree, it would be a stunning remembrance gift to hang near a bright window year round. Each time family members see it they will be reminded of their loved one.

Memorial Sympathy Tree

memorial gift tree remembrance gift for a death in the familyWe all know there’s no way to completely heal someone’s heart after a loss, but you can give hope to a person you care about with a memorial tree from The Comfort Company. One of the poignant remembrance gifts for a death in the family, the tree will arrive as a 2- to 3-year-old specimen, about 8” to 14” high. Choose from a range of trees, including Japanese maple and dogwood, or order a gift certificate so the recipient can choose the variety. The hand-selected tree will arrive in a beautiful gift box tied with a raffia bow. It includes detailed planting and care instructions so the recipient knows exactly how to nurture the memorial tree.

Make this gift even more special by adding a personalized memorial stone to be placed under the tree. The Comfort Company offers several styles that can be engraved with the loved one’s name. Whether you choose a memorial tree or a tree/stone combo, you will rest assured that everyone will be comforted as they watch new life growing in remembrance of that person.

Tear Bottle

tear bottle remembrance gift idea for a death in the familyTear bottles, which are decorative containers designed to collect mourners’ tears, have brought comfort for centuries. So when you’re looking for remembrance gifts for a death in the family that honor the loved one’s memory, consider a tear bottle from The Comfort Company. Choose from a selection of beautifully crafted tear bottles, including contemporary and classic styles. Each bottle includes a matching display tray and an enclosure card with a special memorial message that reads, in part: “…let yourself cry knowing each tear is a note of love rising to the heavens.”

Whether you want to send a loved one comfort after an unexpected passing or honor the anniversary of a person’s death, remembrance gifts for a death in the family should offer comfort, healing, and hope. From My Day Registry to a memorial tree, you will find a fitting gift to help ease this transition.

Do you know of some wonderful remembrance gifts for a death in the family? Please share them with me, I love to hear your ideas!

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  1. Losing a loved one is a terrible thing, and there are many great gifts (not least of which are listed here!) that can lend some fraction of comfort to the grieving. I especially love gifts that offer a personal memorial to the passed– One thing I’ve seen a lot of is memorial wind chimes, which are not only a great element of outdoor decoration but provide soothing music and an engravable wind sail which provides the ability to memorialize and make the gift unique to the person who has passed.

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