Original Christmas Gift Ideas

wrapped christmas present to represent original christmas gift ideasSnowflakes are falling across the countryside, children’s faces are all aglow and jingle bells are ringing in the joys of Christmas. Yes . . . it’s that time of year again – Time to get into the giving spirit and wrap yourself in warm Christmas memories of old.

While along with Christmas comes all the beautiful things that the season brings . . . we also get that stressed out feeling too – the one that leaves us pacing the malls in search of the perfect gift. Avoid that seasonal stress this year and stress less with our original Christmas gift ideas sure to make it to the top of their list . . .

Celebrate a Brand New Day

One of the most original Christmas gift ideas for the most special of someones on your list, purchase a day from the world registry especially for those who’ve been anything but naughty. After you choose your special day, you will receive a beautifully framed certificate of ownership along with a web page especially for uploading photos, video, and sharing with friends and family. It’s the perfect gift for the one who melts your heart the most!

Puppy Pajamas

Some of the most original Christmas gift ideas for pet lovers are those that take the focus off the owner and onto the pet. While it might not seem like much of a gift to you, to a truly devoted pet lover, a pair of puppy pajamas is one of the most darling gifts they could ever receive. Friends who have dogs indoors, especially those that talk endlessly about the cute things they do, will dote over this pretty pair of puppy PJ’s that are paw-fect for Christmas morning.

*Hot Tip: Make these original Christmas gift ideas even cuter by buying the owner a pair of pajamas that are similar to the ones you are buying for their pet.

Tea for Two

Some of the most original Christmas gift ideas can come from some of the most traditional of places. Give the gift of relaxing sips by the fire this holiday with a beautiful tea pot perfect for those chilly winter days. Make this gift even sweeter by including a few flavored teas to go with your gift. It’s the perfect treat for that special sweetie on your nice list!

Holiday Baking

Give the gift of the sweetest sweets for the sweetest someone on your list. Perfect for holiday baking, this gorgeous little pan is perfect for decking the halls in delicious style. One of the most original Christmas gift ideas? Create a basket of holiday baking items for a “readymade” night of holiday cooking fun . . . no trip to the grocer needed. Other items that will look seasonably sweet inside your basket? Pot holders, Christmas themed hand towels and cookie cutters – these look super sweet too.

Wish Upon a Star

Rounding out our list of original Christmas gift ideas is simply out of this world. This original Christmas gift idea can be passed down from generation to generation. Now every time they look at the sky they will think of you and imagine that somewhere up there right this very minute is a star with their name on it. What could be cooler than that?

When it comes to original Christmas gift ideas, sometimes all you have to do is simply take a peek through the looking glass and try to put yourself in their shoes. Do a little detective work. Find out what their dream was a child and find fun ways to fulfill it. For instance you might not be able to buy your uncle that red Ferrari but how cute would it be to put a little Hot Wheel of his dream model right there under the tree? With a little thoughtful consideration and the right amount of creativity, you can give a gift that will touch their heart and warm their spirit year after wonderful year.

If you have some original Christmas gift ideas you want to share, please do! You never know they may just end up in my next Christmas gift article!

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