One of a Kind Wedding Gifts

Groom riding with bride on handle bars to represent a one of a kind weddingA couple and their wedding are about as one of a kind as you can get, so, why not also give them a one of a kind wedding gift. Wedding gifts are a symbol of love and celebration on one of the most important days of a person’s life. The best wedding gifts are those that are personalized and represent the couple’s uniqueness in a special way. We’ve found a bunch of one of a kind wedding gifts that bring out the extraordinary in rather simple things. Check out these clever wedding gift ideas that will have the couple awed by your one of a kind wedding gift!

Commemorate Their Wedding Day

My Day Registry Wedding BannerA wedding day is a day that will forever be in a couple’s hearts. It’s the day that will transform their lives and will be continually celebrated each and every year. Wedding days are so special that couples often feel like they own that day, but little do they know that they actually can at! Mydayregsitry holds the key to the International Day Registry in which there is only one owner per day. Now instead of just feeling like they own the day, the couple can in fact officially own their wedding day, making his and her own holiday. Ownership rights include an online profile and certificate claiming them as the deemed owners. What better gift than the actual day they got married… it truly is a one of a kind wedding gift.

Words Matter

Spell it out wedding giftGive the gift of beauty in words from Spell-It-Out Photos. Spell the couple’s last name in unique photographic images where bridges look like “M’s” and cloud formations look like “E’s”, each letter of the alphabet is a beautiful shot in nature. There are several different letter images to choose from so that you can make the piece as unique and exceptional as the couple. Once your artwork is complete, it’s double matted and beautifully framed for an elegant wedding gift masterpiece. This one of a kind wedding gift serves as a lovely memento that will hang on the wall for years.

And They Lived Happily Ever After…

Bride and Groom Wedding Mix BookTurn their story into a book using Mixbook wedding photo books. This is a unique gift idea where you can buy a gift card that lets the bride and groom create their own personalized wedding book. They can include photos and captions that are meaningful to them, or let their imagination run wild and create a story. This fun and one of a kind gift offers a newly married couple an opportunity to reminisce over their wedding photos and create something they’ll be able to share!

Music to Their Ears

one of a kind wedding gift custom wedding songThe first dance. Awe what a magical moment. There’s something about love songs that enchant us and can even get us a little teary eyed. How amazing would it be to have a song written specifically about the couple’s love story? With Song Legacy, it is possible! They create a custom song based on the intricate details of a couple’s love. Surprise them at the wedding with a one of a kind wedding song about how they met, or the many things they’ve shared over the years. They will be deeply touched by the personalized song, creating a memory that they will cherish forever and often be reminded of each time they play their song.

Make Their Words Stick

One of a kind wedding gift custom wall quoteMy husband and I have a special phrase, “Trust, Commitment, Love,” it’s so dear to our hearts that we even have those words inscribed on our wedding bands. If you are shopping for a couple that has their own words they live by, give it to them. That’s right, give it to them as a one of a kind wedding gift. Lot 26 Studio has a collection of wonderful wall decal sayings including “Dream, Imagine, Create, and Believe”, “All Because two people fell in love”, and the very sweet mirrored “A true love story never ends”. These wall decals will hang on the special couple’s wall and in good times and bad it will serve as a reminder of the love they share.

Paperback Love Story

one of kind wedding gift personalized paperback bookCould their love story be a Nicholas Sparks bestseller? If how they met, or what they’ve gone through as a couple brings tears to your eyes, turn it into a novel. This one of a kind wedding gift will be one they can pass down to future generations, keeping their love story alive forever.

Each of these wedding gifts ideas are unique, personal and one of a kind. They are customized to fit the couple and are given with love especially from you. They maintain elegance without sacrificing uniqueness, so go ahead give that magnificent couple an impressive one of a kind wedding gift that will have them marvel at your originality.

Do you the perfect one of a kind wedding gift? Please share! We love to hear your unique wedding gift ideas!

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  2. These are very personalized gift ideas which I totally agree with. It’s definitely better than just picking something out at random to commemorate such a special day.

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