One of A Kind Anniversary Gifts

couple enjoying champagne representing one of a kind anniversary giftsIf you’re in the market for one of a kind anniversary gifts, congratulations on your big day! Anniversaries are some of my favorite occasions, and I believe in honoring the time spent with a loyal partner with gifts that are truly unique, those that speak volumes about your relationship: one of a kind anniversary gifts for your one of a kind spouse. Let him or her know that you remembered this year… and that you remembered in a big way- by gifting your love with something phenomenal. Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

Make a Day of It

a dedicated day is a one of a kind anniversary giftIn the tradition of naming a star or a parcel of land for a loved one, the My Day Registry allows you to choose a special day for your true love to celebrate your relationship, and all the wonderful times to come. The recipient will receive a Certificate of Ownership for the day you choose and you’ll both have access to an online profile which lets loved ones upload photos and video, and even dedicate music to you as you celebrate your special day.

Personally Glamorous

a gemvara ring is a one of a kind anniversary giftGemvara offers a unique take on the timeless gift of jewelry. At the Gemvara e-shop, you can choose gems and precious metals to create jewelry as unique as your partner and as special as your relationship. Create a memento all your own to celebrate the love of your life as only you can.

Show-Stopping Stopper

an engraved wine stopper is a one of a kind anniversary giftChill a great bottle of your favorite wine and add a little something magnificent to the presentation with a silver wine stopper from Things Remembered, an accessory that is anything but common. It’s engraved with the hopelessly romantic “Red or white- it only tastes right with you” and can be personalized with your loved one’s initials or an individual icon that represents your character as a couple.

A Favorite Place

a personalized garden bench is a one of a kind anniversary giftAdd this pretty concrete bench to your partner’s favorite spot in the garden or along a walkway in your yard to let them know how much you care. The perfect gift for an anniversary, and a enjoyable place to relax on a lovely evening, this bench is as thoughtful as beautiful a gift, and one that will stand the test of time.

An Unforgettable Date

an unforgettable date is a one of a kind anniversary giftBe a tourist in your own city, or go abroad for a date they won’t forget. Choose a tour or attraction in a city you love, or one you’ve always wanted to explore together. See the Eifel Tower, enjoy a ride in a gondola, or take in the view from the Golden Gate Bridge. Your loved one will love the once-in-a lifetime experience that such a romantic date will no doubt be.

Choosing a one of a kind anniversary gift is often easier than you think. Consider your relationship, the things you love to do — and love to do together — and all those things that make you unique as a couple, and you should have no trouble choosing a one of a kind anniversary gift that will be appreciated as much as you are.

Do you have ideas for one of a kind anniversary gifts? Please share! We love to hear your unique anniversary gift ideas!

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