New Twists on Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

New Twists on Valentines Day Gift IdeasNew twists on Valentine’s Day gift ideas are becoming harder and harder to come by. Perhaps that is not because they are not out there but because it seems that everyone wants to get in on the action of reviving an old favorite in a new fun way.

This is of course great but sometimes we find that the new twist on Valentine’s Day gift ideas just don’t cut the cake. For instance, I love stuffed animals and I have a good laugh at those singing snugglies that our husbands buy us for the holiday. But admit it, once you play it once it finds its way to the kid’s toy box . . . this of course ends in us waiting for the batteries to completely die out.

Blooming Bites

Every woman loves to be surprised by flowers at the office. In fact, at our office all the editorial team feels like we are in a race to see whose husband is the most romantic! But guys like surprises too, ladies.

While they might not appreciate a big bouquet of pink roses Fruit Flowers has great new twists on Valentine’s Day gifts ideas. We especially like the fruit bouquet loaded into the little football vase. It’s completely unexpected, surprising and fun all at once. Who knows, maybe you’ll start a tradition in his office amongst the fellows . . . whose wife can out-do the other?!

Jeweled Prizes

New twists on Valentine’s Day gift ideas don’t always have to be extremely unique. Many women expect to get necklaces, earrings and bracelets for Valentine’s Day but few of us would expect to get a brilliantly bedazzled broach.

This beauty in vibrant rose and deep-seeped lavender will be a pleasant surprise from the jewelry gifts of old. Just imagine this sparkler peeking from the lapel of her office suit. It really brings a little personal flare to the stuffiness of the workplace.

A New Day

If you have read my blog before you know that I am smitten with the new twists on Valentine’s Day gift ideas that come from MyDayRegistry. I’ve always thought the world revolved around me so maybe that’s why I like the idea of a whole day revolving around me too.

At My Day, you simply choose a day that you want to devote to your partner and they make it happen by registering it for you with the World Day Registry. Once a day is registered, baby, it’s gone for good. Best of all, it comes with a certificate of ownership framed in an intricate plaque along with a MySpace type web page for uploading journal entries, videos and photos to celebrate your special day with friends and family.

A Night In

It’s fine dining at home with the Family Chef and their new twists on Valentine’s Day gift ideas. What better way to celebrate love than in your own little love nest? No restaurant required for fabulous dines, you simply order up your dish of choice and it comes direct to your door.

New twists on Valentine’s Day gift ideas that fit well with this idea? Dress to the nines and cater to your sweetie as their own personal waiter or waitress.

Coffee Run

If your sweetie loves Starbucks they offer new twists on Valentine’s Day gift ideas simply by visiting their web page. Not many people know that you can have Starbucks delivered straight to your door. From gift sets of coffees and treats, Starbucks is a great place to find new twists on Valentine’s Day Gift ideas for that caffeine cutie on your list.

When it comes to new twists on Valentine’s Day gifts ideas it’s clear to see that sometimes the best things come in the most traditional of packages. Do you have any new twists on Valentine’s Day gift ideas to share? I’d love to hear them! I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting ideas – and I appreciate your input so much!

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