Naughty Santa Gift Ideas

Naughty santa holding booking sign while being booked in jail The stockings were hung by the chimney with care . . . and no we aren’t talking about the ones you fill with candy! If you’ve been a really good girl or boy this year and you were hoping to be rewarded with a little something naughty then read on to find our favorite Naughty Santa gift ideas sure to heat up those cold winter nights . . . or at least get you laughing, or possibly slapped!

Dancing Mrs. Claus

sexy red platform heels naughty santa gift ideaThis has to be one of the funnest naughty Santa gift ideas for that special person in your life. I mean, who knew Mrs. Claus was moonlighting? Give this gift in playful fun by putting it in the front seat of your guy’s truck before work along with a Santa hat or sexy outfit you plan to wear later. Scribble down a little note that reads “See you later, Kris Cringle.” Don’t forget to sign it with x’s and o’s!

Candy G-String Panty

candy g string panty naughty santa gift ideaOk. These kinds of naughty Santa gift ideas could get a guy slapped unless his wife has a good sense of humor . . . but regardless, this gift can be fun for both. Who knows – if the husband is lucky his wife might just surprise him with the gift again later! If he’s not so lucky, she might instead glue it to his chest hair while he’s sleeping. I mean, it could go either way you know.

Cosmo’s Naughty Notes

cosmos naughty notes naughty santa gift ideaThese Cosmo inspired notes is the gift that keeps giving all year long! While you can buy this naughty Santa gift idea to share with your guy for the New Year, you might opt instead to give these to a girlfriend whose marriage is on the rocks or whose relationship could simply use a little extra spice.

Santa’s Little . . . um, we don’t want to say

sexy santa lingerie naughty santa gift ideaLingerie always makes for a great naughty Santa gift idea. Pretty self explanatory, this little Mrs. Claus outfit says it all. Make this gift extra cool by giving it with Eartha Kitt’s version of Santa Baby. If you’re buying for a couple, make it extra fun . . . and extra embarrassing by including a Santa hat for the woman’s spouse along with a few gift bows. They can figure out what to do with those later! (Extra funny points if this is for an older couple!)

Proceed with !!CAUTION!!

101 quickies book naughty santa gift ideaThey’ll ho, ho, ho all through the holidays with this naughty gift that will leave them rolling on the floor (literally!) With all the extra stress and food during the holidays, this naughty Santa gift will give them an opportunity to share some love and even get a little exercise. They get a New Year’s resolution to boot… try all 101 quickies by the end of the new year!

Naughty Santa gift ideas can be fun to come up with if you just get a little creative. Who knows . . . this year it could pay off to be a little naughty after all!

If you have some naughty Santa gift ideas you want to share, please do! I love to hear what my naughty little elves come up with!

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