Mother’s Day Gifts for a Grieving Mom

a mom grieving for her lossLosing a child is the single most difficult loss in the world. One of my dearest friends lost her little one not too many years ago and the loss still cuts deep. As her friend and as a mom, I can’t imagine the pain she must be going through.

She doesn’t get Mother’s Day gifts anymore– and that just breaks my heart. So this year I wanted to find wonderful Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom so close to my heart. I’ve decided that this year, and every year to come– my sweet friend will never go without a Mother’s Day gift ever again.

If you truly want to make a difference this year, I suggest you reach out and find Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom in your life. You’ll never know how much it will mean…

Moments of Remembrance

a day for a mothers day gift for a grieving momMother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom are best served celebrating life instead of simply saying “sorry for your loss.” The date of her child’s birth will forever be cemented in her heart… so give her the gift of her child’s birthday to put the loss behind her and celebrate the blessing of life. allows you to register a special day and make it all your own. While you get a beautifully framed certificate of the day’s authenticity… what I love most is the online profile for uploading happy memories, lost photographs and favorite moments. Dedicating a day to life is one of the Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom that will definitely put a smile on her heart.

Garden Reflections

a garden bench for a mothers day gift for a grieving momMother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom like this garden bench are truly a beautiful way to reflect and remember happy times. Plant a beautiful garden for the mother. Ask if she wants to help. This can be a beautiful time to share as friends– and not only does it give her the gift of a brand new beautiful space, it also reminds her that she is loved by her special friends.

These Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom can become a new hobby as well. Chances are the mom will want to add on to the beautiful garden and it will become a way to get her back out in the sunshine.

Words of Wisdom

a book for mothers day gift for a grieving momSelf help books can make great Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom. Often times it is difficult to talk with a mom about the death of her child but a book can help her know that you wish you had the words. This beautiful book is written from the warmth of a pastor’s heart and with the authority of scripture, making it a comfort to read.

These Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom will not only comfort her heart but also remind her that she is in the forefront of your thoughts and prayers.

Finding Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom takes a little thought and consideration. You want to be sure to touch her heart but also not to bring her down. This can be a delicate balance– but when you come from the heart no matter what you give, it’s sure to make her feel loved and appreciated.

Do you know of any Mother’s Day gifts for a grieving mom? Send them my way. I would love to hear your ideas.

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  1. When most people think about gifts, the first thought that springs to mind is often materialistic or expensive presents, but the best gifts could equally be a non-tangible gift. Share your thoughts with us

  2. As a mom who is grieving the loss of her 33 yr old daughter who was killed in a car accident on 5/7/2009 just two days before Mother’s Day I appreciate what you are offering. Life changes in a second and is never the same – no matter how far you try to put the event behind you. Thank you.

  3. Carol Ann says

    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss 🙁 I hope I was able to offer a unique idea to help ease the pain that this day must bring 🙂 It’s the comments like yours that make me want to write more and more. My thoughts and prayers shall be with you this Mother’s Day 🙂

  4. I came across your website because I am looking for some great ideas for my mom who lost my brother last year at the age of 28. This is her first Mothers Day since he has been gone,my other brother and myself are kind of clueless as to what to get for her. We will be staying the night with her and my dad who has been in and out of ICU since my brothers passing and I am going to be doing a Bar BQ but I feel like that is not very touching or heart warming.I would not have been able to make it this past year without my Mom and I just want to really express this to her,Express how much she is still needed. I thought about something like an edible arrangment. Do you have any ideas.

  5. Stuffed animals!!!! Then they can cuddle and just lay and remember the old times.

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