Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Home

Home Gift Ideas for Mothers DayMother’s Day gifts ideas for the home are a ‘can’t miss’ with me. And in this realization I admit the one thing all mother’s dread to say out loud . . . I am definitely getting old and one look at the nest and you can tell it could use a little updating. Just ask the doilies that grace the piano, the butterscotches in my purse and my dog… aka fourth child.

That was pretty hard to say – but hey it could be worse. I could have protective plastic covers on my couch – you know the kind that stick to your butt when you sit down? Yep. Those beauties. (Oh, you have some of those? Then, what I meant to say was “those lovely plastic covers that add a shine-y, bedazzled touch to any sofa.”)

So in honor of all the moms out there who are as equally senile . . . um, I mean ‘decorating conscious’, I’ve created a wonderful list of Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home just for you. I hope you find one that you love!

Art with Heart

It’s Van Gogh meets E.B. White with these beautiful, completely unique Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home. When you view the Text-o-graph from afar she’ll see her favorite little faces smiling back . . . when she moves in closer she’ll see their heartfelt message especially for her.

Life to the Full

Give the gift of “life to the fullest” with these Christian inspired Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home. These beautiful place settings from Dayspring will bring any meal to life!

On Board

These Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home from Snapfish are sure to be an instant hit. If your wife or mother has a Snapfish account, you can log on to view their albums and then buy items like this adorable cutting board featuring their favorite photos! You’ll find plenty of Mother’s Day gift ideas right there on their site.

Home, Clean Home

What are Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home . . . if it’s a train wreck?! Give the gift of a clean space to house all those wonderful gifts to come.


Decorate her favorite space with these Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home . . . and heart. Register a special day that’s all her own with My Day Registry. When you do, they will send you a beautifully framed certificate of its authenticity and even a web page for uploading messages of thanks, favorite photos and home movies.

Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home are one of the most treasured around . . . and hey – if that makes me an old geezer – then so be it. But remember, you are what you read.

Know of any Mother’s Day gift ideas for the home? I’d love to see them! Won’t you send them my way?


  1. I think these are all well thought gift ideas. The thing to remember about personalized gifts is that you are always certain that they will never be forgotten. Plus, it gives you that feeling that your gift was really well thought of and not just a spur of the moment idea.


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