Modern First Anniversary Gifts

clock sitting on music sheets with heartsLooking for modern first anniversary gifts that express how much you love your spouse? The modern gift suggestion for this important milestone is a clock. When we hear the word “clock” many of us might imagine the ordinary wall version that hung in our mother’s kitchen. But giving a gift that marks time doesn’t mean you’re stuck buying something dull.

Make a Bold and “Sunny” Statement

sundial reflecting a rainbowIf you’re searching for modern first anniversary gifts that boldly state “I Love This Person,” then the Spectra Sundial should be on your shopping list. This unique gift is nothing like the garden-variety sundial. Made from beveled glass and cast stone, this piece is custom-made to correctly tell time using the sun specifically for your location. This unique indoor sundial is designed to sit on your window sill and can even be made to face the same direction as your window. The sundial also produces brilliant rainbow-colored prism beams that flood the room with light. Personalize the Spectra Sundial with an engraving of the anniversary date or a favorite phrase or line of poetry.

This sundial is, without question, a beautiful piece of art by itself, specially handcrafted from scratch and signed by the product designer; but there’s more to this anniversary gift. Each Spectra can be made with one or more datelines representing milestones, such as your anniversary, the day you met, or birthdates of children. On that day, the tip of the shadow will line up with that marker.

The Spectra Sundial is a distinctive present that will make an impression on everyone who sees it. In addition, it’s the kind of anniversary gift that could easily become a cherished family heirloom—the kind that will have the kids bickering over who will inherit it!

Melt Their Heart

melting clock on mantleWhen it comes to modern first anniversary gifts, they simply don’t come more contemporary than the Melting Clock from Latest Buy. The clock is designed as an oversized silver-toned pocket watch that appears to be melting off the surface where it’s been placed. This Salvador Dali-inspired piece is just as much art as a timepiece.

The Melting Clock will be a unique reminder of your special love. It’s a practical, but standout, piece that will celebrate the year you’ve already spent together plus all the years to come. As a bonus, this gift is guaranteed to become a fun conversation piece.

Put Life into Pictures

custom wall clock with picturesPersonal Creation’s Photo Frame Wall Clock is one of those modern first anniversary gifts that allow you to display memories that celebrate your time as a married couple. This clock is surrounded by 12 photo frames, one to mark each hour. It holds pictures in a variety of sizes and can be personalized with your family name.

Each time your sweetie looks at this clock, he or she will cherish the memories displayed there. Fill it with photos from your wedding day or pics from the life you’re building together. Keep the photos in the frame as a permanent display, or, as time passes, swap out the images to include vacation snapshots, kids’ school photos, or romantic getaway pictures.

Dedicate Your Anniversary Date

dedicate your first anniversary dayMy Day Registry is a service that provides exclusive ownership of a special date. One of the most unique modern first anniversary gifts, it allows you to mark your time together by granting ownership of a special day. You’ll receive a shareable online profile, which you can fill with pictures, video, and written memories. In a modern twist on the traditional anniversary gift of paper, My Day Registry will send a framed ownership certificate.

This is a one-of-a-kind way to honor the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with. Of course, you can register the wedding date, but you might choose another milestone instead, such as the date you met. Use the online profile as a virtual photo album, and fill it with memories of your wedding day or of the life you’ve created as a couple.

Put Your Love in His Pocket

custom engraved pocket watchThese days, anyone can whip out a cell phone to learn what time it is. But it’s a classy and elegant man who will take out a silver pocket watch to do it. If you’re looking for modern first anniversary gifts for the man with old-school style, check out Personalization Mall’s Herrington Silver Pocket Watch. It will be engraved with his initials and a special message from you.
This watch has style, making it the perfect gift for the well-dressed man. But there’s more to this anniversary gift than classic fashion. It’s a permanent reminder of your love, one he will carry year round, whether he’s at the office or on a dinner date with you. What’s more, the watch is something he’ll be able to pass on to future generations.

Yes, you can find the perfect gift that is as unique and beautiful as what you feel for each other. From the unique Spectra Sundial to the elegant Herrington Pocket Watch, these modern first anniversary gifts will send the message that you love your spouse as much—or more—now as you did on your wedding day. Happy Anniversary!

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