Long Distance Valentine’s Day Gifts

keyboard with rose and chocolate hearts representing long distance valentines day giftsFrom connecting on Skype to getting together for all-too-short weekend visits, you work hard to maintain a long distance relationship. You know the love you share is special. But how can you make your partner feel the love across the miles this Valentine’s Day? Roses and a card are fine, but there’s not a lot of va va voom in those run-of-the-mill gifts. So I’ve put together the top unique long distance Valentine’s Day gifts that will have your love traveling planes, trains and automobiles to be with you:

Become Proud Owners of “Your Day”

my day registry long distance relationship valentines day giftNeed unique ideas for long distance Valentine’s Day gifts? Look no further than the My Day Registry. This service allows you to commemorate a special shared day with your loved one by making it officially yours. Upon registration, your sweetheart will receive a parchment certificate certifying their exclusive title and ownership rights to whatever date you choose, whether it’s the day you met or the day you were married , you’ll be proud to show off “Your Day”.

Not only does your special someone receive the keepsake certificate, registration also comes with a secure online profile where you can share memories of the event with pictures, video, and music. This is a gift your long distance love will happily share with family and friends, no matter where they are.

Always in Their Heart and Now on Their Wall

personalized photo calendar valentines day giftShow your love across the miles with a personalized photo calendar from CafePress. This unique gift is an easy way for the busy Valentine’s bee to show your loved one how much you care. Just pick twelve of your favorite photos of you as a couple, or get their blood pressure to rise with some sexy pics, either way, its sure to create the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that they’ll enjoy all year long! It will be the perfect addition to their home or office and all without the hassle of leaving your home. Talk about making the hunt for long distance Valentine’s Day gifts super simple!

Send Your Love Message in a Bottle

message in a bottle long distance relationship valentines day giftWhy not? In days of yore, the message in the bottle was a way to communicate across oceans. Now you can bring the timeless romance of the message in a bottle back, whether your loved one is serving overseas or working in another state. Timeless Message offers long distance Valentine’s Day gifts for every budget. Shop their online catalog for the perfect bottle to deliver your special message. Then choose from a pre-written message that will be personalized with their name or create a unique custom Valentine’s Day message of your own.

If you’re sending a love message to a member of our Armed Forces, consider a gift from their special military collection. Message bottles bear the emblem of the military branch you choose. Timeless Message also offers a quality leather scrapbook with a matching emblem.

Mug for Each Other

long distance relationship valentines day mugsOne of the most fun and practical long distance Valentine’s gift ideas is getting a couples mug set. What better way to remind your sweetheart how much you love them than by choosing a set of two mugs, each with a drawing that plays together as though they were made for each other. When your faraway sweetie pours their cup of morning joe, they’ll be sure to have you on their mind.

Connect with Cookies

long distance relationship valentines day cookieTreat your long distance love to a fresh cookie gift from EdibleGiftsPlus. These are no ordinary cookies! Their luscious long distance Valentine’s Day gift menu includes a smorgasbord of sweet gift ideas, including chocolate-covered pretzels, chocolate-dipped Oreos, and cookie bouquets.

As if gourmet cookie packages weren’t unique enough, you can amp up the “I love you” factor even more with CookieHQ’s photo cookies. Their pro bakers use a special process to place a pic of your choice onto the cookie, and it’s all 100% edible! Send your Valentine a dozen (or two!) of the round photo cookie or try the 8” x 10” ginormous sugar cookie.

Long distance relationships take work, but shopping for long distance Valentine’s gift ideas doesn’t need to be. Take your Valentine’s Day from ordinary to extraordinary with thoughtful and unique gifts like the My Day Registry or the Timeless Message. Your Valentine will know exactly how much you love them— no matter where in the world they may be.

Do you have great ideas for long distance Valentine’s Day gifts? Leave a comment and tell us about them! We love to hear your ideas.

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