Long Distance Relationship Gifts

stack of letters tied in a red ribbonLong distance relationship gifts are different than gifts given in a typical relationship. If you’re separated by school, job, or deployment responsibilities, then you want a gift that conveys the commitment and dedication you feel. The present also needs to tell your sweetheart just how much you miss him or her. But where can you find long distance relationship gifts that matter? Don’t spend one more minute hunting the web; I’m sharing my top unique gift picks for long distance lovers:

Sweet Surprise

send fudge chocolate walnut long distance relationship giftsWhen you’re looking for a long distance relationship gift surprise your sweetheart with something that will satisfy their sweet tooth, some melt in your mouth fudge. Send fudge has an array of rich creamy goodness and will ship right to their doorstep. Each batch of fudge is made from a perfected fifty year old recipe and handmade with only the finest ingredients, which will be sure to delight your far away darling with each and every bite!

The hardest part is picking which flavor your significant other will enjoy most- if your honey is the type to get their daily Starbucks fix, go with the cappuccino fudge. Or maybe they love summer berries in which case you’ll know raspberry cheesecake is your winner! Whatever your long distance love craves, they’ll be more than satisfied when they get their golden box of sweets from their favorite sweetie.

Give Them A Day To Remember

dedicate a day long distance relationship giftsLiterally. My Day Registry is a one-of-a-kind company that allows you to exclusively dedicate a day to your faraway loved one. It starts when you register a date that’s significant to your partner. It might be the day he was born, or the day the two of you met. That registered date will be placed in their worldwide database and belong exclusively to your significant other. The gift package comes complete with a framed personalized certificate declaring the special day. Long distance relationship gifts don’t come with any more meaning or impact than My Day Registry.

Along with the certificate, you’ll receive an online profile. Cooler than a traditional photo album, this digital profile is a place where you can upload pics, video, or music in honor of your sweetie. Once you’ve created the virtual album, share it exclusively with your loved one or make it available for family and friends to view as well.

Blow Long-distance Kisses

glasses long distance relationship giftIt’s during the everyday things that we miss a long distance lover the most, activities like sharing a meal or a refreshing drink. Now you can let your partner know how much you miss them with Bold Love’s Miss You with All My Heart drinking glass set. Each glass, which holds about 12 ounces, features a figure on an airplane blowing heart kisses to a figure on the ground. This two-glass set is dishwasher safe, too. When you want long distance relationship gifts that remind them of your affection on a daily basis, this is your go-to idea. Split the set (one for you and one for your honey), or give both glasses to that special someone. Boost the sweetness factor when presenting the gift by filling them with a favorite kiss-themed candy.

Put It On A Pillow

pillow long distance relationship giftPillow talk takes on a new meaning with this personalized Couple Silhouette Throw Pillow Cover, one of the cutest long distance relationship gifts. Available in five colors, this modern-looking cover from Red Envelope shows the outline of a woman planting a smooch on a man’s cheek. Customize this unique gift idea with a date and two names. Red Envelope offers two sizes: 12” x 18” and 18” x 18”. This is a charming addition to your sweetie’s home décor and will fit in anywhere, from the sofa to the bed.

This personalized throw pillow cover is a thoughtful gift for the partner who’s just settling into new digs. Pair it with a gift card to his or her favorite home improvement or décor store and you’ve got a gift ready-made for your far-off honey.

Make Them Run To The Mailbox

postcards long distance relationship giftBills. Bills. And more bills. It seems like no one mails love notes anymore. But there’s no reason you can’t revive this old-fashioned, but sweet, tradition. When you’re hunting for long distance relationship gifts, check out this pack of Love Postcards. Each of these 40 postcards features a romantic image or message. Use the back of the card to pen a love note of your own, whether it’s a simple “I miss you” or a poem you wrote for your partner. Send a postcard for a special occasion or just because. It’s such a simple idea but one that will make your loved one actually look forward to opening the mailbox.

Long distance relationship gifts are an important way to keep love alive over the miles. They can be big, grand gestures, like dedicating a day to your loved one, or a little something, like a love postcard that arrives mixed in with the bills. So which gift will you choose to say “I love you. I miss you. You’re always on my mind”?

Do you have long distance relationship gifts that you would like to share? Leave me a comment and you may just see it on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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  1. I completely agree with you! I think that these gifts are great for any couple!
    Great advice! I am in relationship 1 year, and I think that I will use some of these ideas! 🙂

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