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Sterling Silver Infinite Love Pendant

When looking for unique gifts to share with all of my wonderful readers I often try to find not only the gifts that you may never have heard of but also the ones that hold special meaning. After all, not only are you giving a gift in celebration, you are also communicating your feelings for the person. With all the excitement of Christmas it’s easy to lose sight of the importance of putting thought into a gift. But I’d like to encourage you to take the extra time and effort to put the thought back into gift giving. In the true giving spirit, and just in time for Christmas I am beyond excited to share a unique giveaway with a very thoughtful gift!

This special gift comes from a very special company, called K Robins Designs where their philosophy on life penetrates to their jewelry pieces. They hold a strong belief in finding a symbol that resonates with the soul, bringing deep meaning to each of their pieces. Each piece is made with sterling silver or 14k gold and is beautifully molded to depict rich themes such as Goddesses, sacredness, meditation, Celtic lore, and nature. These wearable symbols act as treasured reminders and expressions of your soul’s passions, each having a personal and unique meaning to the individual holders.

So I bet you’re dying to find out just which special symbol is being offered in the giveaway?! Well as the Beatles sang, “all you need is love”… and they couldn’t have been more right. K Robins Designs is giving away their most popular pendant, Infinite Love. A lovely piece with a fusion of the infinity and heart symbols to create a pendant you’ll be head over heels for.

As a special bonus K Robins Designs is offering some special holiday deals! Currently they have 14 sale pieces 25% off with proceeds going to some very worthy charities. Did I mention free shipping thru December 7th?! Take a look at some of their fantastic pieces like the flame, a symbol of calling forth passion, or the gratitude pendant, or my personal favorite: the friendship knot. I guarantee one will speak to you!

Okay, so you checked out the jewelry collection and you found “the one”. Now you’re ready to enter for a chance to win Infinite Love! Enter below with Rafflecopter! The only required entry is to leave us some comment love telling us either your favorite piece in the collection and why, or tell us about a symbol in your life that’s meaningful to you. And just because I love you, I’ve added some extra ways to enter for more chances to win, or as I like to call it, extra credit! Ready. Set. Enter!

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  1. My favorite piece is Gratitude, I love the pendant’s look with the wing and heart. Plus I think it’s a great reminder that there is always something to be grateful for!

  2. Sidney Lockaby says

    Have been wearing Changer for about 20 years! She has been all over with me and has even been blessed by a Shaman in Ecuador!

  3. It’s hard to select “the one” piece of this amazing and heartfelt jewelry. However, during this holiday season, I’m reminded of how joyful I am to have my health, my family, my friends and my freedom. So, I’m selecting “Joy.”

  4. My favorite is the Balance pendant – which I actually purchased a couple of months ago. I especially liked how the designer described it as “infinity come undone.” I’m also pretty mesmerized by the Vessel, most likely because it is what I have been trying to focus on lately- to be a vessel for what the divine wants – the ultimate conduit for the highest good.

  5. The designs are beautiful! I love the praying hands

  6. My favorite is “Shield” (now called “Awareness”). It somehow feels warm and comforting, like a strong set of wings protecting you from harm. It makes me feel at peace when I wear it.

  7. I’m not sure what my favorite piece is called, but it was the first piece, and one of the few pieces of jewelry, that my girlfriend bought me. It reminds me of a wave.

  8. Laura Machida says

    I love Oshun because I love water and the waves. It just feels so right!

  9. Laura Machida says

    I gave my new daughter in law “Infinite Love” and she wears it with deep love and pride.

  10. Cathy Beshore says

    Infinite Love is on my wish list. I especially love my Gratitude pendant, as it reminds me to count my blessings each day. In the future, I would love to have a Butterfly and Dove pendant…they are beautiful!!

    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway! Blessings!!

  11. i like the Butterfly

  12. I am anxiously waiting for Matzu to be in stock. My girls and I have other pieces and love them all! I have my eye on several!

  13. I like the star of david.

  14. My favorite piece is the ‘Friendship Knot’. My bff Deb had a seizure and a brain tumor was found. We were in shock, it was then I realized how fragile life is. Thankfully she survived and we both wear our ‘knots’ remining us of the love we share and how precious our friendship is.

  15. My favorite piece is Raven. I love k’s story about this piece and my mother is a breast cancer survivor so I wear this piece for her.

  16. Leela Sarada says

    My favorite right now is Marina. The design is so lovely, and it takes me back to the sea, which I love. I live in landlocked state, and I miss the ocean.

  17. I’ve been a fan of K’s symbolic jewelry for many years. My husband gave me a Radiance pendant several years ago the night before I had a hysterectomy. It was his way of telling me how much he loves me, so I’ll always love that symbol.

  18. I’m torn between the Flame and the Firekeeper. Fire is an important element in my spirituality, so both have a lot of resonance with me.

  19. Jennifer M. says

    I like the quatrefoil pendant

  20. Monique Rizzo says

    The butterfly. It is so graceful.
    Thanks for the chance.

  21. I like the Eternity Celtic Necklace.

  22. I love the Joy piece!

  23. Flaming Chalice. It hangs around my neck and I feel its warm glow.

  24. I like the loving kindness.

  25. Sara Filler says

    I like the friendship knot.

  26. Kathy Davis says

    My favorite piece is the Eternity charm. It reminds me of my trip to Ireland with my 80 year old mother who has since passed away.

  27. I like balance. I’m finally learning to balance food and be in recovery from anorexia.

  28. i like the calypso

  29. I love the Journey – Adventure Day One .

  30. The sheela na gig is a beautiful necklace, to me it is beyond special because it stands for a woman and I have a daughter, and she is the most important little lady in my life. I love being a mom and love what women can do with their bodies. Human life is so precious.

  31. Love it! I have an “infinite faith” tattoo and this would go perfectly with it.

  32. Michelle Frame says

    I love the Crescents

  33. The Infinite Love pendant–I realllyyy hope I win! 🙂

  34. i like the calypso

  35. a symbol in my life important to me is the treble clef. Although I am pursuing law, I have been a musician all my life, and music has always been my outlet.

  36. I love the wave because it reminds me of when I lived by the ocean and listening to the waves crash onto the beach, a relaxing place to be.

  37. Sharon Siqueiros says

    Mine would have to be Gratitude and Joy. I have so much to be grateful for…..mainly life itself!
    Thank you for this beautiful giveaway

  38. I like the Eve one. sort of the beginning of women. Strong, troublemaker. 🙂

  39. Holly Trudeau says

    Love them all but especially the Yemaya charm!

  40. My favorite is the Shou Butterfly because it symbolizes the freedom to change.

  41. Balance pendant! I need some of that.

  42. The Bodhi Tree pendant is my favorite- I love the power of trees. Nothing helps soothe me like sitting under a tree for a few minutes… or hours!

  43. I LOVE the Artemis pendant. Power to the diety that protects the young and hunts! ♥

  44. John Hutchens says

    wave because things always change

  45. I love the Wave design. It reminds me of the serenity of the ocean.

  46. I love the butterfly piece, because I love butterflies.

  47. Candice Hull says

    I love the flame symbol because I always try to remember to have an inner fire and passion for life.
    My favorite symbol is actually a phoenix because I have been knocked down to the bottom many times, but always come back up
    thank you

  48. The infinity heart is perfect because my girlfriend and I are both math nerds.

  49. Kelsea Eaton says
  50. I like Artemis, protector of the young and beasts

  51. Diana Stanhope says

    The one you are giving away is my favorite but I also like the flame necklace.

  52. I love Oshun because water!


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