Great Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Today I spent my afternoon sipping tea, watching the ice melt from the trees and searching for great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day on my laptop. Nothing like warm tea and a little internet shopping to lift my spirits and warm me right up! I hope that your day was spent as luxuriously as mine – doing something you love of course!

Here’s a few of the great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that I ran across on my daily web-surfing adventure…

Bonsai Beauties

The art of the Bonsai tree has long been said to increase health and relieve stress. I thought this little Orange Citrus Bonsai was among some of the great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day this year because it’s a gift that gives back. Not only do they get to prune it and watch it grow, they also get to reap the benefits of this tasty mini fruit that is perfect for snacking and in stir fry.

Great Eats

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Perhaps this is why great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day often come from great dishes! With not only can you buy gift certificates to their favorite restaurants but you can also save a bundle of money! Twenty five dollar gift certificates sell for only ten bucks!

Day Brighteners

Brighten their day with these day brightening great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! My Day Registry, much like the Star Registry (only cooler in my opinion), allows you to register a day with the World Registry. You can name the day for anything you like and you get a beautifully framed certificate of registry along with a My Space style web page with your purchase.

Retro Finds

Can’t you just imagine this phone sitting tub side of a glamorous 30’s Hollywood starlet? Well, pick up dah-ling because it’s for you! This retro phone is one of the cutest great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that I’ve seen in a while. It’s superb for decorating and even sweeter for chatting with the special someone on the other end of the line.

Candy Confections

Holy mother of Moses! We’ve hit the mother-load. For all those dads looking for the perfect gift for the mother of their children we’ve got you covered. calls this the You’re the Heart of Our Family Basket… but I like to call it the Weight Watcher’s I’m Taking a Month Long Break bouquet. If you are looking for someone other than a spouse the site also has other great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Just take a quick peek around.

The Gift of Tea

For the book lover and the tea sipper, these great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day come from What a unique little idea! This set comes with some of the most beloved brews in Japan and is packaged beautifully for Valentine’s Day. Make this gift even sweeter with a beautiful tea saucer and a good read.

When it comes to finding great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, you don’t have to waste all your time at the crowded malls only to return empty handed. Great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day are just a click away.

Do you have Great Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day? Share them with me and our other gift seeking readers. We would all love to hear your ideas! We might even feature them on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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