Great Gift Ideas for the Kitchen

Great Gift Ideas for the KitchenYou’ve been wracking your brain for great gift ideas for the kitchen. It has become a tedious mission to take on. Unfortunately, your best friend seemed to be hinting around at wanting something new for the kitchen for her birthday, and she can’t make up her mind what she wants. “Personality” is vital when you’re looking for gifts for someone special. You need to take into consideration her behaviors, the things she likes, and the activities that she enjoys doing in the kitchen and then bring it all together and match those qualities with a gift. For some people, the answer comes easily. However, for most people, the endless lists of items available for the kitchen are quite overwhelming. So, I’ve brainstormed the personality traits of some of my own friends and kitchen items that I found to match their persona. I hope that you find some inspiration to match up your friend’s personality from my list of great gift ideas for the kitchen.

Mommy Types

Almost anyone would love these, but I chose “the Mom” as an example. MagneticPix are so perfect for the kitchen. Her most precious picture can be turned into a magnetic dry erase board. Think of the ways that she could use one of those! She could post up calendars from school, report cards, special notes, and grocery lists, to name a few. Or, if she’s a work-at-home-mom, she could use it in her office to keep track of all of her important work bits and pieces. Certainly, if she’s the Mommy type, she’ll find the perfect place for this birthday gift and use it all of the time.

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The Baker

She is definitely Betty Crocker! She always has a pie, cake, cookies, breads, muffins, brownies, or some other baking item warming in the oven. One of my sister’s friends threw a baking party, and one of my “baker” friends went crazy when she saw the stoneware baking set from Le Creuset that she had. She says you won’t find another set of stoneware as heavyweight and durable as these. Your “baker” best friend will absolutely love baking with her new stoneware.

Clean and Efficient

For your “clean” friend that strives to keep everything sanitized and germ-free in her house, I found the absolute best idea to make her laugh! Give her the gift that stays clean: the iTouchless Towel-Matic Automatic Paper Towel holder. The push of a button and an automatic sensor dispenses paper towels at the perfect length to peel off with one single hand. Your “clean” friend will love the efficiency of it, too.

The Dedicated Shopper

Okay, so everything in your friend’s house is from Pier One Imports. She is the “dedicated shopper” that never strays from her favorite store. The question still exist: what do you get her for her birthday? Leave the choice to her and give her a The Dedicated Shopper to her store of preference.

Hopefully, these great gift ideas for the kitchen have shed some light on what to give to your best friend for her birthday. Personality is everything when you want to find the right gift for somebody. Be it a birthday, a bridal shower, or an anniversary, thinking seriously about the person’s qualities will guide you in the right direction toward the perfect gift.

Of course, if you know some great gift ideas for the kitchen, I’d love to hear them. Feel free to send me a message with your suggestion. I’m always looking for new concepts to spread the news about.

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