Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s day gifts can be a challenge to select. Use your imagination to pick your mother’s day gifts based on your mom’s taste and interests and show that you really care. And for all the mothers in your life that are not your own mom, choose meaningful mother’s day gifts that will underline their special role and their love for their children. The… Read More »

Top 5 Luxury Gifts for Women in 2012

If you know the women in your life that like high-end, luxury gifts, then be prepared to pay attention to the latest fashion collections from throughout the world. From handbags and heels to luxury beach getaways, here are some ways to impress a woman who expects only the best on her birthday or anniversary in 2012. These gifts are luxury and will not… Read More »

What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day

Moms are such special beings. They always seem to be taking care of everyone else and putting other people’s needs above their own. Mother’s Day should change all of that for her; even if only for one day. Mother’s Day should be all about her and when you’re thinking about what to get mom for Mother’s Day, the gifts you choose should be… Read More »

What to Get a Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day

When it comes to what to get a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, anybody can schlep to the mall jewelry store to find the same old designs everyone else is wearing. But your sweetheart is not like everyone else, so give her a gift that shows the world just how special she is. Moreover give your girlfriend some jewelry that will express her inner… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for a Stressed Wife

I am the consummate overachiever. I work a day job, find time to write in my spare time, raise children, create an occasional meal, and am active in my community. I volunteer, check on my neighbors, and show up at PTA meetings. In short, I’m a lot like most American women, and though I may not always look it, you can bet on… Read More »

Gift Ideas for a Girlfriend

There is nothing in the world like a wonderful gift to garner a girl’s attention. So if there’s a special woman in your life, you should always be on the prowl for unique gift ideas for a girlfriend. Because trust me, there will be an occasion when you need a gift and only the best will do. In fact, the more unique the… Read More »

Unique Anniversary Gifts for a Wife

Let’s abandon the idea of quickly running by the flower shop to grab a bouquet of flowers for her, and instead, consider some unique anniversary gifts for a wife. Obviously, you will want to get her a unique anniversary gift that she will undoubtedly run around town showing all of her friends. Wouldn’t it just tickle you pink if she decided to hold… Read More »

Gifts That Make Mom Cry

I have always been a sucker for sentimental gifts and my hubby, bless his heart, has come to know it quite well. From DVD compilations of our family memories to Greatest Mom in the World trophies… it’s got to the point that the kids have asked “Hey, Dad. How do you always find the gifts that make Mom cry?!” If you have a… Read More »

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Mom To Be

When it comes to Mother’s Day, guys, let me warn you… if you have an expectant wife you’d better start comming up with ideas and get to shopping! Sure, we say we don’t want anything… but that’s just pregnant code for “What are you going to get me? It’d better be sweet and make me feel loved- or else!” So if you want… Read More »

Mother’s Day Gifts for a Grieving Mom

Losing a child is the single most difficult loss in the world. One of my dearest friends lost her little one not too many years ago and the loss still cuts deep. As her friend and as a mom, I can’t imagine the pain she must be going through. She doesn’t get Mother’s Day gifts anymore– and that just breaks my heart. So… Read More »

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