Unique Gift Idea Review: Buyvite.com

‘Tis the season for group gifts. That also means ‘tis the season for the folks who organize group purchases to reach for the headache relief. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for the boss or a grandma, the task of collecting money for a group present can sap the joy right out of giving. This year, buying group gifts got a lot easier.… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: Seventy-Seven Diamonds

The promise of a life journey travelled together. That’s exactly what a diamond engagement ring represents to your fiancé, friends, family, and the world. The perfect ring will be shown off, gushed over, and, hopefully, become a cherished family heirloom. You understand that, which is why you don’t want a run-of-the-mill jewelry store piece. Whether you’re a guy on the hunt for the… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: KeepItPersonal.co.uk

If you’re anything like me, you’ve shed a few tears at weddings. The dress. The cake. The love. It’s all just so perfect. That’s why finding the right gift—the kind that celebrates the couple’s commitment—is essential. But it’s so hard these days to pick the right present; after all, store shelves are packed with cookie-cutter choices. That’s why I’ve fallen head-over-heels for the… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: ShopLesAmis.com

  Need a gallon of milk? A new coffee table? A replacement towel bar? Then discount and department stores are just fine. But if, like me, you need to give a gift to someone special—a gift that genuinely tells that person just how much you care—then those stores just aren’t the answer. So I was really excited when a friend directed me to… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: AustinAccents.com

I don’t know about you, but for me special occasions always lead to The Search for the Perfect Gift. It almost sounds like it could be the title of a movie, doesn’t it? After all, The Search can be tough, especially when you really care about someone. Maybe you’re buying for gal pal bridesmaids or for the grandmother who’s given you so much.… Read More »

Gift Idea of the Month

MyDayRegistry is a unique online registry that allows you to dedicate and register a specific day to recognize a special person or event in your life. When you dedicate a day to yourself or a loved one, you receive a beautifully framed certificate as proof of registration and ownership. You also receive an online profile that can be personalized with important details about your… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: PureIntegrity.com

I have always been something of a candle lover. Some of my first memories are of the wonderful cinnamon scent that came from the candles my mother always lit during the Christmas season. The holidays wouldn’t be the same without that warm aroma circulating in the den, the dining room, and mingled with the wonderful scents that came from the kitchen at the… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: ReplayJerseys.com

I will never forget the absolute thrill of being handed my first real jersey when I made the varsity basketball team. I wore it for four amazing years and loved every moment of being on the court, sitting on the bench, even taking in the harsher words of my coach when a game or practice hadn’t gone so well. Today that jersey hangs… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: TheJerusalemGiftShop.com

As a child, my mother told me fascinating stories of the Holy Land, stories that wove moral lessons into the realistic hardships of everyday life in another time. I considered Israel somehow out of reach: the backdrop for Bible stories at bedtime and Sunday morning sermons. To me, stories of the Holy Land felt timeless and the truths contained in them

Unique Gift Idea Review: AnnieBand.com

What is it that AnnieBand.com offers that other gift sites cannot provide? High quality jewelry is the answer. AnnieBand.com is the perfect home for those seeking unique, handcrafted, original jewelry. Jewelry is almost always a welcome gift idea. Who does not like a nice charm necklace or a bracelet? Most people welcome such items.

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