What to Get Your Boss

What to get your boss. I don’t know about you, but it’s a question that I’ve often struggled to answer. In fact, there have been times when picking out the right gift has been more stressful than the job itself. The good news is that there is no reason your blood pressure should rise because you can’t find that “perfect” present. I’m going… Read More »

Unique Gifts for a Coach

Great coaches are the stuff of legends- they make a personal and direct impact on the team they manage. That quality can make finding unique gifts for a coach a tad tricky. After all, great coaches nurture confidence, instill respect, and foster personal development. So when it’s time to give that special person a gift that shows how much you appreciate their time,… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for Armed Forces Day

Few people make more significant sacrifices than the men and women of our military. They fight for our freedom, keep peace around the world, and sacrifice their time to make America safe. So when it comes to honoring those special people, chances are that you’re looking for unique gift ideas for Armed Forces Day, which falls on May 18, 2013. I’ve found gifts… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for a Nurse

Taking care of sick people around the clock is no easy job. Add the constant we need you over here… we need you now pressure and it becomes very apparent just how special nurses are. That’s why when I heard National Nurse Appreciation Day was coming up, I knew I had to find unique gift ideas for a nurse. I’ve scoured the internet… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for Nurse’s Day

Nurses are often referred to as “angels”—and there’s no surprise as to why. These dedicated women and men deliver experienced and gentle care when we need it the most. National Nurse’s Day is on May 6, 2013 and it’s the perfect time to show the nurse in your life your appreciation! I’ve gathered some unique gift ideas for Nurse’s Day that will show… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Day

What kind of gift do you give to the person who does so much for your child? The person who stays up late grading papers, often times uses their own money to make your child’s classroom experience more meaningful, and most importantly the person who shapes your child’s mind. With National Teacher Appreciation Day coming up on May 7, 2013, unique gift ideas… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for a Stock Broker

From closing the deal to watching the clock . . . Wall Street wonders have a lot on their plate and they might just need something to remind them of all the hard work they do . So in honor of all those hard working guys and gals who make the bids, take the calls and hopefully the big bucks too – this… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for a Police Officer

I’m not talking about just any old gift ideas here, I’m talking about truly unique gift ideas for a police officer. When your’re looking to pay homage to that police officer or woman in your life. My Uncle Dan recently retired from the police department after some thirty years on the job. As a going-away-gift of sorts, I’ve been hard at work looking… Read More »

Gift Ideas for an Astronomer

Find a truly out of this world present with our gift ideas for an astronomer that are sure to make their corner of the universe a little brighter . . . From days made for celebrating to designs made for captivating, these gift ideas for an astronomer are truly light years ahead of the rest! Whether young, woman or ancient I’ve chosen a… Read More »

Gift Ideas for a Coach

My husband coaches the little league team at our son’s school… needless to say; I never knew how much work went into coaching until he became one. (And until I started hauling 12 hyper eight year olds cross state in my Tahoe.) Today one of his players brought him the cutest little drawing for his office… big thanks to you Bobby! We loved… Read More »

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