Original Creations – Gifts that Grow in Value

Original creations are hard to come by when you’re living in a mass-produced world. One reason is that there are few genuinely unique gifts on store shelves. But another reason is that few presents have real value when we give them— and many have less as time goes on. As a result, too many gifts end up in the trash pile after a… Read More »

Modern First Anniversary Gifts

Looking for modern first anniversary gifts that express how much you love your spouse? The modern gift suggestion for this important milestone is a clock. When we hear the word “clock” many of us might imagine the ordinary wall version that hung in our mother’s kitchen. But giving a gift that marks time doesn’t mean you’re stuck buying something dull.   Make a… Read More »

Unique Anniversary Gifts

Having trouble finding unique anniversary gifts? Tired of clicking on website after website, unable to discover the perfect present to honor your special relationship? It’s time to take a deep breath and relax because I’ve done the work for you. I love shopping the web for one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts you just can’t find in the neighborhood store or on an ordinary gift site.… Read More »

Anniversary Gifts for a Deployed Husband

You know the sacrifices your military spouse is making while he’s away from family, friends, and you. That’s why when it comes to choosing anniversary gifts for a deployed husband you know how important it is to give a present that keeps the connection between the two of you fresh and let’s him know although he may be miles away… he’s ever present… Read More »

What to Get Your Boyfriend for an Anniversary

Whether you’ve been dating your honey for one month or since before your first child was born you know that anniversary gifts matter. The well-chosen present can do anything from sweetly whisper to excitedly shout how you feel about that special man. So when it’s time to decide what to get your boyfriend for an anniversary, then look no further than these top… Read More »

Traditional First Anniversary Gifts

It seems like you were married just yesterday. Yet here you are, searching the vast Internet for traditional first anniversary gifts. And it can be a daunting task; after all, paper doesn’t exactly sound exciting, does it? Well, take a deep breath. I’ve found traditional first anniversary gifts that are made of paper—but it’s paper with that special pop you’re looking for in… Read More »

One of A Kind Anniversary Gifts

If you’re in the market for one of a kind anniversary gifts, congratulations on your big day! Anniversaries are some of my favorite occasions, and I believe in honoring the time spent with a loyal partner with gifts that are truly unique, those that speak volumes about your relationship: one of a kind anniversary gifts for your one of a kind spouse. Let… Read More »

Anniversary Gifts for a Deployed Soldier

A soldier wrote me the other day explaining that his anniversary was quickly approaching and that he was deployed overseas. He asked me “What should I get my wife for our first Anniversary? ” and I had trouble thinking of the perfect gift that says, “I Love You” from 10,000 miles away!! So, doing what I do best I decided to sit down… Read More »

Unique Anniversary Gifts for a Wife

Let’s abandon the idea of quickly running by the flower shop to grab a bouquet of flowers for her, and instead, consider some unique anniversary gifts for a wife. Obviously, you will want to get her a unique anniversary gift that she will undoubtedly run around town showing all of her friends. Wouldn’t it just tickle you pink if she decided to hold… Read More »

Paper Gift Ideas For a First Wedding Anniversary

Is there a more memorable event than a couple’s first wedding anniversary? Odds are that no other day or event in a person’s life carries more meaning than a first wedding anniversary. When two people are married it represents rebirth, a new chapter in their lives and a turning point where their relationship takes on a completely new dimension. Paper gift ideas for… Read More »

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