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a child blowing on a dandelion to represent gifts that give back My father is the ultimate giver, and I mean that. If he sees a need, he does his best to fill it, and beyond that, he has always been determined to teach his children that they too should give because the rewards are infinite. It’s a lesson that I carry with me today and have tried to instill in my own children. It also occurs to me that April is National Volunteer Month and that the Peace Corps is celebrating 50 years — which is real reason to celebrate. That’s why I am so excited to share with you unique gifts that give back to an array of charitable organizations. .

Imagine There’s No Countries

When natural disasters strike, a matter of minutes can mean hundreds of thousands of lives lost and insurmountable destruction. But not to fear, the American Red Cross is here! The American Red Cross prepares and trains volunteers for emergencies and disaster relief, and provides assistance to those in need around the world. With recent events like the tsunami in Japan we see heartbreaking images on the news and become eager to help. Well we found a great gift that gives back; the Betsy RIGHTS necklace which aids the Japan Relief by donating half the proceeds directly to the American Red Cross. This necklace brings awareness to Public Law 89-236, reminding us that we are all immigrants, and moreover all global citizens with a humanistic responsibility to help one another.

Gifting a Brighter Future

Children do not ask to be born; instead they come into this world wanting the simplest of things like food, shelter, and love. We sometimes take these things for granite but the harsh reality is that several children abroad are orphans with little hope of a bright future. is a non-profit whose focus is helping vulnerable children reach their full potential through personal and community empowerment. To support their efforts they offer a wide range of men’s and women’s unique and stylish t-shirts. Each t-shirt is a one-of-a-kind, with designs made by orphans directly helped by this organization. Here’s the kicker – the purchase of one shirt equals an entire month of food for an orphan, now that’s a feel good gift that gives back!

Ride for a Cure

This cool, funky gift that gives back would make Tony Hawk swoon. A skateboard decorated with bright pink ribbons boasting support for finding a cure for breast cancer. These fun skateboards allow teens and skateboard enthusiasts to express their support for a great cause in a hip and unique way. With the staggering statistics of 1 in 8 women getting breast cancer, and 1 in 35 dying from this terrible disease, the need for awareness and support is clear. By buying this gift you too can contribute to the fight against breast cancer because a portion of the proceeds go to the Susan G. Koman for the Cure Foundation. This extraordinary organization started from a promise to a sister and is now on a global mission dedicated to education and research about causes, treatment, and the search for a cure.

Snuggle Up

What’s better than cuddling up in a nice warm blanket on a cold evening? How about having a sweet little furry friend as company? Tzu Zoo Rescue can supply you with both; they sell handmade quilts as a way of supporting homeless dogs, specifically Shih Tzus and Lhasa Apsos. Tzu Zoo is a volunteer based non-profit rescue and foster care organization where their focus is putting these little cuties in ideal and loving homes. The proceeds of each of these cozy, quality quilts goes directly into the rescue mission and they even offer custom quilts as a special unique gift. Give a gift that gives back to Shih Tzus, or maybe even adopt one and you’ll find that they are the gift that gives back to you!

A Life Changing Gift

Maybe you’re buying for someone who is impossible to shop for, or maybe they overcame a major event in their life. If so, I’ve got the ultimate gift that gives back! Pick a charity near and dear to your loved one’s heart and make a donation in their honor. Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, or remembrance, this gift has the ability to create real change in the lives of others. Each of us are touched by different needy groups, I’ll let you in on the one that tugs on my hearts strings. The Orphan Foundation of America, or OFA, is an organization that provides opportunities for former foster children to find success as adults. When foster children leave the social services system at age 18, many lack the resources to stand on their own. The OFA’s donors and volunteers provide scholarships and grants, mentoring and moral support, internships, and advocacy. So while life may have started off hopeless, now kids have an opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

If there’s someone in your life, like my dad, who’s a constant giver, give them a gift that gives back, or honor them by making a donation to a good cause today. Be different and give the gift of hope that continues to give, instead of your gift becoming another piece of junk taking up space in the garage. Be a good example and do something truly worthwhile, give a gift that gives back. You’ll be so glad you did.


  1. I have always tried to give unique gifts. My idea of a gift is something that brings smile on the face and reminds you of the sweet memories of your past.
    I think when you gift a plant you are not just giving a gift to someone you love, you are giving a gift to the whole world. It is a gift that grows with time.
    So next time when you want to give a gift, gift a plant-gift a life. Go Green!!!


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