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coach with little league team representing gifts for baseball coachesWhen you want to hit a homerun with gifts for baseball coaches, it’s time to figure out your unique gift options. But instead of combing through hundreds of gift websites, you can stay right here. I’ve found the types of gifts you’ll be proud to present to the man or woman who’s done so much for the team. Here are my top gifts for baseball coaches:

Hit A Grand Slam With A Personalized Bat

personalized baseball bat gift for baseball coachesHit A Grand Slam With A Personalized BatNo matter how many team members hit balls out of the park, everyone knows that the real MVP is the coach. So when you’re looking for gifts for baseball coaches, Personalization Mall’s customized baseball bat is a winning choice. This genuine Rawlings wooden bat measures 28” long. Your coach’s gift will be engraved with their name as well as a two-line message. Use the message to say anything from “Thank you, Coach” to “You taught us how to be men.”

Give Coach A Piece Of History

ballpark pen gift for baseball coachesBaseball coaches are the game’s biggest fans. One of the most poignant gifts for baseball coaches is a pen made out of authentic stadium seats from the country’s most storied ball parks. This Red Envelope pen features a hand-turned barrel engraved with the stadium name and timeline. The wood will be the same weathered color as the original seat. Several ballparks are available, including Dodger Stadium. A certificate of authenticity is included. And there’s no need to worry that this pen will become useless when the ink runs out; it’s refillable with a rollerball or ballpoint cartridge.

Okay, I admit there is one challenge with this heirloom-worthy coach’s gift: if you have serious baseball fans in the family, they’re sure to want one, too! Be prepared to bookmark the page so you can order another for the baseball aficionado you love.

Show Coach Gratitude, Shadow-box Style

shadowbox gift for baseball coachesThe legacy of most baseball teams, from Little League to workplace teams, isn’t really measured in hits, runs, or RBIs—it’s measured in memories. That makes the most thoughtful gifts for baseball coaches the ones that preserve those times. This shadow box is designed just for the baseball set. It measures 9” x 10.75” and holds a team photo. The surrounding shadow box scene evokes a classic dugout; a bat leaning against a wall, a batting helmet resting on a wooden bench, and a ball cap hanging from a hook. Combine memories with nostalgia in this cool coach’s gift.

Make Memories Monumental With A Mosaic

mosaic gift for baseball coachesWait! Don’t skip ahead; you do want to check out this selection—you’ll agree that this is one of the most unique gifts for baseball coaches. This isn’t about some frou-frou décor better suited for an upscale kitchen than a coach’s office. This is Design A Mosaic, a company that takes as few as 20 of your digital images and transforms them into a stunning mosaic. Stand close to the artwork and you’ll see each individual photo; stand back, and you’ll be treated to one large main image.

And it’s a surprisingly simple process. Upload images of the team, the coach, the fans, fundraisers, or whatever photos hold special memories for Coach. Designate one photo to be the main image. Design A Mosaic’s expert technicians/artists assemble the photos and send you a digital preview. The website offers a variety of mosaic print sizes at prices more affordable than you might think.

Dedicate A Day In Coach’s Honor

dedicate a day gift for baseball coachesCoaching is about more than just winning games. It’s about practicing in the rain, helping players through rough patches (on and off the field), and motivating everyone connected to the team, from outfielders to boosters. Show coach just how special he or she is with one of the most unique gifts for baseball coaches: My Day Registry. This one-of-a-kind service allows you to dedicate an exclusive day in your coach’s honor.

Talk about ready-to-give gifts! With registration, Coach will receive a framed parchment document certifying that the day belongs to him or her. (By the way, the framed certificate makes an impressive gift to present at end-of-season banquets or events.) Coach can hang the certificate proudly at home or in the office. But that’s not all! You’ll also get a secure online profile, perfect for creating a virtual memory album. Upload photos of that horrendously muddy practice or video clips of a championship game. Honor your coach by sharing the profile with the entire team.

Don’t spend the next four hours planted in front of a glowing screen, praying you’ll find the perfect gift. Whether you choose to dedicate a day via My Day Registry or to create a unique artwork with Canvas Pop, all the best gifts for baseball coaches are on this exclusive gift list. Happy shopping!

Do you have gift ideas for baseball coaches? I’d love to hear your them! Leave a comment below and you might just see your gift idea featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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