Gifts for a High School Boyfriend

boyfriend and girlfriend sitting together to represent gifts for a high school boyfriendWhen my husband and I were dating back in high school I remember searching for gifts for a high school boyfriend and wrecking my brain to find the perfect present for him. We were always very different. I was home coming queen… he was the partying bad boy. So an Abercrombie t-shirt didn’t really ‘fit’… he was more into The Rolling Stones and vintage band tees. And as a preppy girl I had no clue where you bought holey old Grateful Dead t-shirts.

If you and your sweetie are very different like my hubby and I were, you probably share my feelings in how hard it is to find gifts for a high school boyfriend. However, over the years I’ve done lots of research and found that somethings are sure fire, ‘can’t miss’ hits… and these dog tags fit the bill. If you aren’t sure what kind of dog tag to buy, read on. I’ll help you sort through the mumbo jumbo and find the perfect look for your guy!

Embossed Tags

My favorite company for embossed tags, My Dog Tag offers not only an impeccable product but a ‘can’t beat’ price. These make great gifts for a high school boyfriend not only because of their modern style but also because of the big boom in “war games” over these past few years. My sister’s teenage boy rarely even comes to supper. I mean, this kid eats, sleeps and breaths what they refer to as Call of Duty.

My personal favorite is the Wolverine dog tog… maybe it’s just my Hugh Jackman crush from years back speaking but take my word for it… he’ll like it too. And the prices – like I said – phenomenal.

Engraved Tags

Long lasting and classic, these engraved tags are perfect gifts for a high school boyfriend. Engrave the tag with your names, an inside joke or a simple phrase. One of the guys at our church actually has one that he wears every Sunday. It was a gift from his girlfriend and it reads “I’ve found the one my heart loves.” (For all of you not polished up on your Sunday school – that’s a hat tip to Solomon and his bride.)

Photo-etched Tags

These gifts for a high school boyfriend are sure to make him smile. Put your face around his neck… he’ll wear it close to his heart forever. Make these gifts for a high school boyfriend even sweeter by including a little note that says “My favorite place will always be my head on your chest.” (Get it? Ok. Maybe I’m a little corny. But mark my words – he’ll swoon.)

Gifts for a high school boyfriend should be fun yet thoughtful. Playful and romantic. Remember, it’s not what you spend that matters… It’s the thought that counts. And thoughts are much more expensive in my book… at least in all the ways that truly count.

Know of any gifts for a high school boyfriend? Send them my way. I’d love to hear all your wonderful ideas!

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  1. For my boyfriend I went to campus den and ordered him great college tees, since we are both graduating this year and going to u of m it was perfect! He loved it.

  2. Its usually difficult to look for a birthday present for your loved ones. I’m in no way sure if i should obtain a serious or quirky sort of present. any ideas?

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