Gift Ideas to Keep as Family Heirlooms

Family Heirlooms Gift IdeasWhen it comes to gifts choosing one that has lasting power can be difficult. Of course, you can buy the same old boring sweater for your eldest daughter this year. You could even get a pair of matching slippers or a fantastically soft robe – but how long will that gift last? I mean, really last?

Just the other day, I was going through lots of gifts that I had been given over the years and most of them I had either outgrown or they had been eaten up by the ever changing trends of yester year. But tucked somewhere behind that horrible 80’s sweater and my Flash Dance pants was the Bible that my grandmother had given me many years ago. It is lined with our family tree, births in our family and even baptism days. Seeing this gem once more made me really want to do a great post on gift ideas to keep as family heirlooms.

So in honor of gifts that keep on giving and my sweet grandmother Jack, I’ve founds some really great gift ideas to keep as family heirlooms. I hope you’ll enjoy them and savor their memory creating legacy with your own family.

Heirloom Legacy Books

So much nicer than the flimsy photo album in your attic, these Heirloom Legacy Books are made to last through generation to generation. Imagine being able to hold all of your precious memories in one space.

Did you have a nickname as a child? How did you get that silly nickname? From the simplistic things that we often forget to share to the bigger things of life, Heirloom Legacy Books helps you to preserve your legacy. Just think, someday you could be the bedtime story of you great-great grandchildren and share in their life even after your time is through. Now that’s something to write home about!

Family Bible

One of the best gift ideas to keep as family heirlooms, like my dear Granny Jack, is the family Bible. This version that we found at Neiman Marcus is exquisite. It reminds me of something you might find at the Vatican and is so fancy it can pretty up even the simplest of coffee tables. Imagine passing this down to your grandchildren someday. There’s something almost magical about this little Bible isn’t there?

Memory Trees

One of the best gifts I’ve ever been given didn’t even grow in my own front yard. Just a few blocks down the dirt road from my childhood home was my great-grandfather’s apple tree. I remember walking barefoot down the crooked road to get there and pick an apple after school. To this day I still drive out to pick apples for Sunday pies.

While it might seem odd at first, trees are one of the best gift ideas to keep as family heirlooms. Not only do they remind us of the past but they help grow new memories that carry on into the future.

Celebrate the Date

If you’ve been a longtime follower of my blog you know that My Day Registry has become close to my heart. The company allows you to register a day and dedicate it to anything that you wish. Commemorate the day of your great grandparents wedding or your own wedding then, pass it down to be celebrated generation after generation.

Your day comes with an exquisitely framed certificate of authenticity along with a web page for all things dedicated to your family and your day. It’s a great way to savor memories while creating new ones along the way!

The best gift ideas to keep as family heirlooms will always have these qualities . . . they will be made well enough to last years on in and they will be special enough to matter generations from now. If you find a gift that you think fits in to these two oh, so important categories drop me a line. I’d love to hear your own unique gift ideas!

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