Gift Ideas for an Astronomer

Son with dad looking through telescope Find a truly out of this world present with our gift ideas for an astronomer that are sure to make their corner of the universe a little brighter . . . From days made for celebrating to designs made for captivating, these gift ideas for an astronomer are truly light years ahead of the rest! Whether young, woman or ancient I’ve chosen a gift for just about everyone…

Written in the Stars

Write their favorite date straight into the stars with the World Registry and a little out-of-this-world company called Here’s how it works, you register a day . . . you own it. How simple is that? Your favorite someone will also receive a framed certificate of ownership along with their own web space for uploading all those telescope finds, interesting photographs and meteor merited words of thanks from friends and colleagues.

Night Bright

Light up the night with these gift ideas for an astronomer that will make sleeping sweetly the things that dreams are made of. Hey, if you love your job there’s nothing wrong with taking it home with you!

Name a Star

Cast a wish on a star . . . and then give it away. That’s the philosophy of Name a Star and their gift ideas for an astronomer. While the company has been around for a while they have plenty of new gift ideas to make their namesake a little more modern. From jewelry gifts to stuffed animals now your star comes with a lot more oomph!

Elegant Atmosphere

Hang these unique gift ideas for an astronomer from atop that dull office wall and watch the style of the room multiply . . . these wonderfully elegant stamp sets really add a touch of charm to any atmosphere don’t you think?

Shooting Embers

Oh-la-light years! These gift ideas for an astronomer from Tiffany are simply delightful . . . in fact I wish I was one so I could talk my husband into spending this much on me. From the flowing tails of the stars to the cascading diamonds, this necklace makes you want to get that degree!

Opposites Attract

Checks out these gift ideas for an astronomer from MoMa . . . these magnetic star rings are not only fashionable but functional. You can mold them and shape them into many different styles. It’s just as fun to play with as it is to wear!

When it comes to finding gift ideas for an astronomer let the stars be your guide . . . and when that won’t do? Think with your heart – when you do you will find that you brighten up their corner of the planet every time.

Do you have some great gift ideas for an astronomer? I’d love to hear about them! If you send them my way you might just see them here on the site!

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