Gift Ideas for a History Buff

Gifts for a History BuffI am the first to admit that history has never been my strong suit, but I had a wonderful and inspired college professor who did his best to make the subject enjoyable, and I genuinely enjoyed attending his classes. I appreciate him more and more as the years pass, because lots of the things he taught me have come up again and again — very likely because I married a man who loves history and my oldest child shares that passion. His lessons help me connect to my family and to the past. I recently received word that this brilliant man who suffered me as a student is retiring, and of course I wanted to do something special and find some gift ideas for the history buff who helped me find a love for the subject so many years ago. If you, too, are searching for a gift idea for a history buff in your life, check out some of these:

Inspiring Words

Letters of Lore are favorite gifts of mine for so many reasons. These cool letters are great for kids and adults alike –and beyond wishing them a happy birthday — the letters draw parallels to historical figures born on the same day as the recipient. Letters for an array of secular and religious holidays are also available, and each letter arrives in a beautiful envelope with a real wax seal. In addition, letters can be tailored to girls or boys of various ages. It’s a keepsake your history buff will absolutely cherish. Another nice touch is that Letters of Lore donates 10% of letter sales to very worthy charities, including the St. Jude’s Children’s Research hospital and as a special treat will donate an additional 10% of sales from Carol Ann readers.

Buy a Piece of History

History For Sale, a leader in autographs and manuscripts, offers real pieces of history that tell the tales of leaders, scientists, and artists. This particular piece is a Philatelic Envelope in exquisite condition signed by none other than Rosa Parks, the seamstress who helped bring racial segregation to an end by not relinquishing her bus seat to a white man.

Give a Day of Dreams

Give the history buff in your life a day with a date he or she will never forget. Honor him or her with a day like November 9, 1989, to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall, or October 12, 1493, the date Christopher Columbus first laid eyes on America. In addition, your loved one will receive a framed certificate as proof of ownership and an online profile so that other friends and family members can upload messages, photos, and video clips.

Proof of Your Admiration

Gift the 2011 United States Mint Silver Proof Set, which contains all 14 of the coins currently circulated in protective acrylic covers, perfect for display. The Set includes 5 quarters honoring National Parks, 4 $1 Presidential coins, a $1 native American coin, a half-dollar, dime, nickel, and penny. The set is a wonderful way to mark this year as a special one in his or her life.

Give the Gift of Real Life Adventure

Your history buff is bound to enjoy a collection of episodes from the PBS series History Detectives. Season 5 is now available and traces the activities of your loved one’s fellow history buffs as they revel in great historical finds and explore the back stories of some exquisite objects.

Say thank you for all the lessons you’ve learned from the history buff in your life and celebrate the history that he or she has made on their own. I, for one, know I’m so glad to have been a part of the class who will carry on the lessons my dear professor taught, and that deserves a special gift indeed.

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