Gift Ideas for a Coach

a coach encouraging her two softball players to represent gift ideas for a coachMy husband coaches the little league team at our son’s school… needless to say; I never knew how much work went into coaching until he became one. (And until I started hauling 12 hyper eight year olds cross state in my Tahoe.)

Today one of his players brought him the cutest little drawing for his office… big thanks to you Bobby! We loved it. So in honor of you #25 and in honor of coach appreciation- this week I’m doing a quick rundown of the best gift ideas for a coach:

Power Plates

custom platter gift idea for a coachGreat for the coach who loves a good snack during halftime; these unique gift ideas for a coach are such a wonderful way to say “you platter”… I mean “you matter.” Personalize this super cute sports themed plate, especially from your own fancy footed soccer team.

Time for Thanks

custom clock gift idea for a coachWhat a sweet keepsake for the coach that you “heart”, these gift ideas for a coach show him that win or lose, he is a homerun hit in your book. Personalize this resin sports clock for your coach and give it as a gift from the entire team at the end of the year. It’s a great way to say thanks for all the hard work and love he’s put in all season long.

Coach Gear

custom shirt gift idea for a coachYou love your coach so get him a snazzy tee that he’ll enjoy wearing around town. Go with the classic “coach” tee with the whistle around the neck design. Or go all out and customize a t-shirt with a team photo on the back and a big “thanks coach!” Either way these unique gift ideas for a coach are great for making him feel proud to wear around the title of “coach”.


gold whistle gift idea for a coachThe be all end all of whistles, this golden whistle is just the way to award your coach for all his hard work. Great gift ideas for a coach come from showing your coach you think he is number one so do him a favor and replace his blahzay whistle with one to remember you by!

Homerun Holidays

dedicated day gift idea for a coachThe day he took his team to state or the first official homerun of the season, show your coach just how much he means to you by celebrating your team with a special holiday that is all your own. Register a day with where every day is a special day. Complete with a certificate of ownership, framed and ready for hanging by the dugout this little gift is perfect for saying it all when a regular old gift won’t do. An extra cute bonus? He’ll also get an online profile where his players can upload favorite pics, videos, and express why they have the world’s best coach.

I really loved all of the gift ideas for a coach that I ran across here… but remember– it is the thought that counts. Coaches really aren’t all that difficult to buy for. Whether you are playing by the book or thinking out in left field – when it comes from the heart it’s sure to score a smile every time.

Know of any gift ideas for a coach? I’d love to hear about them! Send them my way and you may just may see them featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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