Funny Father’s Day Gift Ideas

boy and his father laughing representing funny fathers day gift ideasFunny Father’s Day gift ideas are difficult to come by and let’s face it your dad isn’t an engraved cufflinks kind of guy. Your dad is more of the humorous lighthearted type of pop which is why you need funny Father’s Day gift ideas that give him a chuckle and show him how much he means to you. But, like me, you’re probably an on-the-go person, and as June 17th approaches it gets tougher to carve out time to shop for that perfect present. So here is your time-saving list of 5 funny Father’s Day gift ideas that your father will truly enjoy:

Beer… Only Better

beer pouch hoodie funny fathers day giftIf dad, grandpa, or hubby is the type who enjoys tossing back a cold one on a hot day, then you know that beer is a top gift pick. But, believe it or not, that brew can be even more enjoyable with this Beer Pouch sweatshirt. One of the cutest funny Father’s Day gift ideas, this unique item is the hands-free way for him to tote around his favorite beverage on cool summer evenings. The sweatshirt features a 5.5” x 6” pouch that’s perfectly sized for a can or bottle. And the pouch is even insulated, for crying out loud!

And, yes, your favorite father can tote other items in the pouch as well, from a water bottle to his cell phone and keys. That makes the Beer Pouch sweatshirt a great gift for the dad who likes to take hikes or attend sporting events.

Deck Out Dad’s Drinking Buddy

funny fathers day gift idea daddys drinking buddy bodysuitWhen you’re looking for funny Father’s Day gift ideas for the new dad, you can’t go wrong with this onesie from Café Press. It features a baby bottle image and the phrase Daddy’s Drinking Buddy. Yes, no matter what the big guy’s drink of choice, there’s no question that life has changed since that little bundle arrived. Good-time pals have likely been replaced (at least temporarily) with quiet-time cuddles. Available in several colors and sizes, the body suit is made of comfy 100% jersey knit cotton and comes with bottom snaps for easy diaper changes. Dad will love to show off his baby in this funny onesie.

Give Him Survival Tools… For A Zombie Attack

funny fathers day gift idea zombie attack posterDo you know a dad with a quirky sense of humor? Perhaps you love a man who loves a good (or bad) horror flick? Finding funny Father’s Day gift ideas is easier when you check out this Give Him Survival Tools… For A Zombie AttackIn the Event of Zombie Attack poster from Zazzle. This very detailed poster art will give him all the necessary steps to protect himself and his family from dreaded zombies. It includes helpful tips for everything, from how to avoid a zombie to disposing of the reanimated corpse.

Zazzle offers a range of sizes and print quality options, so you will find a zombie poster to fit any space or décor. The print artwork is un-mounted, but custom framing options are available. A zombie attack poster is a super-fun addition to a man cave, home office, garage, or theater room.

Honor His Inner Superhero

superhero pint glass with cape funny fathers day gift ideaWe all know that dads are real-life superheroes. Whether your dad was a whiz at mending busted toys or simply always knew the right thing to say, show him you appreciate his superhero-ness with these fun pint glasses. Not just any ol’ beer glass, these funny Father’s Day gift ideas have your choice of an officially licensed Superman or Batman logo. Each 16-ounce glass also features a durable removable polyester cape attached with a silicone strap. Simply take off the cape to clean the glass in the dishwasher.

Acknowledge His Awesomeness To The World

funny fathers day gift idea a day at my day registryRemember the day Daddy dressed up like a bunny to take you to the bus stop? Or the epic prank he pulled on his younger brother at the reunion last year? Memorialize the fun by commemorating the day or event with My Day Registry, one of the genuinely funny Father’s Day gift ideas. It works by allowing you to dedicate a day exclusively in honor of that special dad, whether it’s your husband or a favorite uncle. Register his awesomeness in a specific state or country, or in the worldwide registry.

Along with registration, the honoree will receive a framed parchment certificate he will proudly hang at home or work. The keepsake will be personalized for dad’s occasion. This is the kind of gift that will spark memories and start conversations for years to come. The dad of honor will also receive an online profile, much like a virtual photo album. Upload picture and video memories of your dad to share with family and friends.

Father’s Day, June 17th, is on its way. Instead of settling for a cutesy card, it’s time to start shopping online for funny Father’s Day gift ideas. So what are you waiting for? Fun gifts, like zombie survival posters and superhero pint glasses, are just a click away!

Do you have funny Father’s Day gift ideas? Please share! We love to hear your ideas! You never know, you may just see them featured in the next gift article!

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