Funny Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

man in a santa hat looking funny at his christmas giftSometimes you want to give them a gift from the heart. . . and then sometimes you want to embarrass the living crap out of them. You know, it’s what guys do. So, in honor of the holidays we want to help you find the best funny Christmas gift ideas for him, the one you care so much about you want to make the butt of your jokes.

The Magic Wand Remote Control

Need a gift for that Dungeons and Dragons dork . . . uh, we mean super cool guy? This magic wand remote control is one of our favorite funny Christmas gift ideas for him. Practical yet giggle inducing, the magic wand remote allows them to operate their boob tube all with different swipes of their wand. Look out Harry Potter!

Remote Control Cooler

Go, go Gadget beer! With this ingenious cooler they no longer have to decide whether to miss the next play or go get a Bud – because now the Bud can come to them! With these funny Christmas gift ideas for him, no personal fouls or unbelievable touchdowns will be missed.

Star Trek Cologne

Live long, smell like you’ve bathed. One of the most unique funny gift ideas for him, leave it up to the Star Trek bunch to come up with a way to smell great even after memorizing the entire Vulcan dictionary in mom’s basement for a week straight.

Star Wars Mimobots

“Luke, I am your flash drive.” These hilarious memory stuffers are great for holding all their important documents . . . or those extremely embarrassing photos of the Star War’s Convention in which they came in full Chewbacca garb.

Webcam Missile Launcher

Have a friend that deserves to be shot? We kid. We kid . . . but seriously, now you can whack them good without going to prison. One of the funniest Christmas gift ideas for him and one of the longest running jokes, this little webcam allows you to “fire” at them while having a live chat online. Is Bob dogging your team again? Fire one right up his left nostril!

Smokey Amp

One of the best funny Christmas gift ideas for him, you know, Mr. Smokes Everything in Sight. (We aren’t going to judge what exactly but for politically correct purposes let’s say tobacco.) Sure, it’s not going to blow away a crowd at the VMA’s but it’s perfect for an instant jam session. Made from an old cigarette carton, simply plug in your axe and go!

2 Carat Mug

Is your friend someone who refuses to commit? Give him this gift in front of his girlfriend for a joke that makes you laugh. This 2 Carat Mug allows her, or if he has no girlfriend, his many liaisons to feel “special” at the breakfast table before he kicks them to the curb, um, or they find out he lives with his parents. Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted.

Portable USB Turntable

Perhaps not one of the best funny Christmas gift ideas for him but a witty one instead, this portable USB turntable is great for the golden oldies lover on your list. Simply plug into your MP3 or your computer and you can convert those old records into stuff real people actually listen to.


It’s holidays with a hilarious twist. Just when they think they are getting a gift that’s from the heart, put a spin on this new holiday creating favorite with a little inside joke. My Day Registry allows you to register your own holiday which is pretty darn cool. Complete with a framed plaque for the wall showcasing authenticity, name the holiday after the time they peed off the balcony at spring break and accidentally hit that old lady’s sunhat. (Gee. Those were the times.) Best of all, you can wrag on them all year long with the provided web page that allows you to upload videos, blogs and photos to share with friends – and even receive comments.

Ex Voodoo Knife Holder

Have a friend who was recently dumped? This is one of the best funny Christmas gift ideas for him, you know – Mr. Sobbing in His Cereal that is. The perfect place to store your knives and your pint up anger without going to the pokey, this Ex Voodoo Knife holder will have them laughing with mad hysteria – even if they are a little nuts.

When it comes to finding the perfect funny Christmas gift ideas for him, remember to keep it personal. When you highlight a personality trait or give a practical gift that has plenty of laugh appeal, you’ll find that you get a smile and a blush every time.

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  1. Great list. We’re invited to a party where we need to give a gag gift, so I’m thinking Star Trek cologne. I know the perfect person for the 2 carat mug, but I don’t want to find myself wearing eggnog so I’ll avoid that one.

  2. Your point of view has real intelligence that shines through.

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