First Mother’s Day Gifts

First Mothers Day Gift IdeasA child. Few things change a woman’s life like having a child does, especially for a first time mom.

So when it comes to first Mother’s Day gifts, the conventional variety, like flowers or brunch, may not have the emotional oomph that shows her just how special she is and how much she is loved. As a mom I know what gifts a first time mother can really appreciate, and make her feel appreciated. Here’s my guide to finding the perfect first Mother’s Day gift:

Give Her Sweet and Sparkly

first mothers day gift baby shoe gemstone necklaceConsider giving a first time mom a gift that’s sweet and sparkly, like the baby shoe birthstone charm pendant from One of the most sentimental first Mother’s Day gifts, it’s made from .925 sterling silver for a timeless platinum look without the platinum price! Rhodium plating makes it resistant to tarnishing, so your favorite new mom can wear it around baby without fear that it will be destroyed by a little spit-up (or other baby fluids!).

This baby shoe pendant does not include the chain, so you can make the gift extra special by purchasing a good-quality chain. Or, if mom prefers, she can attach it to her own favorite necklace or charm bracelet. Want to complete the look? Complement this gift with a pair of simple silver-toned birthstone earrings.

Make Cleaning Less Dirty and Far More Stylish

Sassy Black Polka Dot Gloves for First Mothers Day GiftMotherhood is a mess, especially in those early years. From baby food covered high chairs to spills heard ’round the world, she’s sure to be cleaning up her share of messes. That’s why you should include these Sassy black polka-dot gloves on your list of first Mother’s Day gifts. I guarantee she doesn’t have cleaning gloves like these. They look chic; sleek black with polka-dotted cuffs and white bows. But they’re tough enough to stand up to any kid-created mess. Trust me; if Mad Men’s Betty Draper wore cleaning gloves, this is what she would have slipped onto her hands.

So what do you pair fashionable gloves with? An apron that’s just as pretty, of course! Along with flirty gloves, Flirty Aprons also offers a selection of aprons that will make her feel like a fashionista even when it’s cleaning time. If you really want to make her feel extra loved, add in a fun “Day Off” coupon she can use when she wants an entire day free of cleaning.

Boost Her With a Gourmet Pick-Me-Up

Coffee Basket For First Mothers Day GiftWhen there’s a baby in the house, chances are good that no one is sleeping well. But the fact is that mom is often the one who is most bleary-eyed in the morning. So when it’s time to shop for first mother’s day gifts, look no further than a little pick-me-up from the Coffee Beanery Deluxe Basket. She’ll receive 11 different gourmet flavors, from amaretto to sinful sundae. The coffee is freshly ground, making it easy to make in an automatic drip-type coffee maker.

This sampler basket is perfect for pairing with a travel mug or coffee cup. You can even satisfy her sweet tooth by giving this sampler with a selection of biscotti or other yummy treats from her favorite local bakery. If you’re lucky, mom might even share a cup of coffee and a treat with you.

Dedicate A Day In Her Honor

Dedicate a Day For First Mothers Day GiftWhen you need first mother’s day gifts that are genuinely unique, it’s time to visit My Day Registry. This site allows you to exclusively dedicate a day in her honor. When you register a day, she’ll receive a framed parchment certificate proclaiming her ownership of that date. Mom will also receive a secure online profile, where you can create a virtual photo album by uploading pics, videos, and music.

Let her know how much you love her by combining the My Day Registry with a day of utter spoiling. For example, if you’re dedicating a day to your wife start it off by bringing her homemade breakfast in bed and end it with a romantic hand-holding walk under the stars.

Refresh Her with Relaxation

Yoga Mat For First Mothers Day GiftIt’s not uncommon for the first year of motherhood to be stressful—that’s why one of the best first mother’s day gifts is the gift of relaxation. Yoga is an ancient practice well-known for its ability to reduce stress. So this Mother’s Day treat mom with this super-cute Altus Athletic Flowers yoga mat. She’ll love to unroll this lightweight and comfortable mat, which comes with its own convenient carrying strap.

You’ll find plenty of ways to spoil that special woman by combining this gift with a gift card for yoga sessions. If you really want to say “You are so loved,” pair the mat with a spa retreat that offers everything from yoga sessions to stone massages.

There will be only one first Mother’s Day. So make sure hers is one she’ll remember forever. Whether you treat her to a dedicated day from My Day Registry or a Coffee Beanery gourmet sampler, she’ll understand how much you cherish her and everything she does for the family.

Do you know which first Mother’s Day gifts are surefire mom pleasers? Tell us all about it, we love to hear your gift ideas!

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