Father’s Day Gift Guide

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2012 Father’s Day Gift Guide

This Year’s Father’s Day gift guide is the ultimate guide for gift givers searching for the perfect gift. Our gift guide has all kinds of great gifts for all kinds of great dads. And with Father’s Day quickly coming up on June 17th, 2012, now is the time to start nailing down what to give that special man to show how much you appreciate his love and sacrifices. So if you’re looking for a gift for a daddy, step-dad, godfather, or grandpa then take a look at this gift guide with the best Father’s Day gift ideas on the web:

For the Golfing Dad

kooler golf caddie on the fathers day gift guideIf your father talks in terms of tees and greens, then the deluxe electronic golf club kooler caddie is the ultimate gift idea. This Father’s Day gift guide suggestion has a dispenser shaped like a golf club that cleverly holds up to 54 oz. of his favorite hot or cold beverage. With the press of a button, dad and his golf pals can easily (and discretely!) enjoy a drink. This is a fun gift that almost makes me wish I golfed!

For the Musician Dad

guitar pick punch on fathers day gift guideIf you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching a father with a passion for music play songs for his kids, you know just how special those guys are. That’s why our Father’s Day gift guide idea for the musically inclined is the guitar pick punch. This punch creates guitar picks out of expired gift cards, credit cards, or any other thin plastic. He can even make custom picks using photos glued onto plastic food container lids. It’s a cool and eco-friendly Father’s Day gift!

For the Executive Dad

personalized secret agent cufflinks on the fathers day gift guideOur Father’s Day gift guide has the perfect gift to bring out dad’s inner 007. These secret agent cufflinks feature a secret compartment where you can tuck personal notes for him. Before presenting the gift be sure to tuck in notes reading: “Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever!” With the personalized cufflinks and notes inside, your father will definitely go gaga over his new Father’s Day accessory.

For the Motorcycle Man

motorcycle model on fathers day gift guide“Auto parts statuette” doesn’t sound like something your hog-riding man would be into— but once you see this cool gift for Father’s Day, you’ll understand why it’s on the Father’s Day gift guide. This handcrafted Rustic Chopper is made from old car parts. The engine is made from die pieces and timing chain while the tires are fashioned out of bearings making it perfect for that motorcycle loving dad this Father’s Day.

For the Kid at Heart

table foosball on the fathers day gift guideWhat young-at-heart dad or grandpa could resist a good game of classic foosball? That’s exactly why I’m featuring this mini table top turbo foosball game on my Father’s Day gift guide. Each side sports 5 players plus a goalie for hours of fun without glowing computer screens. The website offers fast shipping options, so this makes a smart gift for OMG-it’s-almost-Father’s-Day shoppers.

For the Green Guy

solar iphone charger on the fathers day gift guideWe all love our tech toys, like iPods and iPhones, but these gadgets suck up plenty of battery power. So if your special dad is eco-friendly and loves his Apple phone, then this Father’s Day gift guide pick is perfect for him! The solar iPhone/iPod charger is lightweight and makes a useful backup when dad’s out on a hike or on a camping trip. This Father’s Day gift reduces his carbon footprint, too, which is sure to make your green guy mighty proud.

For the Collector Dad

Lincoln penny collection on the fathers day gift guideDoes your father have an eye for a quality collection? Then check out the Lincoln Penny Centennial Collection Framed Print on our Father’s Day gift guide. This set offers the first and rarest Lincoln pennies, including the World War II steel penny. This Father’s Day gift is one of the best on our gift guide and is sure to touch any history buff’s heart, whether he is a dad or not!

For the Grill Master

personalized hot sauce on the fathers day gift guideWhen Dad is Master of the Grill, you can’t go wrong with this Father’s Day gift guide idea- a personalized bottle of hot sauce. Choose one of three fun label designs, then email the company an image of the guy you love. His face will be incorporated onto the label for a chuckle-inducing—and delectable— Father’s Day gift.

For the Instagram Addict

iphone zoom lens on the fathers day gift guideIf Instagram has transformed Dad or Grandpa into a budding photographer, the next Father’s Day gift guide pick is for him. This 10x telescope zoom lens is made especially for the iPhone. It has a compact, easy-to-carry design at a surprisingly affordable price and is sure to have your dad asking: “Are you ready for your close up?”

For the Dad with a Sweet Tooth

large gummy bear on fathers day gift guideDoes your dad have a sweet tooth? You can stop shopping right now— I’ve found the perfect Father’s Day gift: a 5 lb gummy bear. Yes, this Father’s Day gift guide pick is the world’s largest gummy bear, worth about 1,400 regular gummies. Grab a fork and knife for this Father’s Day humdinger of a present because there will be enough to go around!

So which of these Father’s Day gift guide ideas will you check out? June 17th will creep up before you know it— don’t get caught running out on the 16th for a Father’s Day card and who-knows-what-generic gift. From the world’s largest gummy bear to a fun foosball table, it’s time to get the gift Dad really wants.

Do you have gift ideas for the Father’s Day gift guide? Please share! We love to hear your ideas! You never know, you may just see it featured in our next gift article!

If our Father’s Day gift guide didn’t have the perfect gift for your dad, not to worry; we’ve got plenty of great gifts for Father’s Day! Take a look at some of our other related posts for more unique gift ideas:

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