Dad Gifts for Father’s Day

a dad and son flexing their muscles to represent dad gifts for fathers dayAlways a Daddy’s girl, I am ever on the prowl for perfect dad gifts for Father’s Day. With June 16, 2013 quickly approaching, this year is much the same as any other, me trying to find my dad gifts for Father’s Day, and my sister — the overachiever — dropping the hint that she’s already found the perfect gift. This Father’s Day I may have the upper hand, though, as finding dad gifts for Father’s Day prompted me to search online and I’ve discovered some pretty great stuff. I thought I’d pass the knowledge on to you, of course. In case you find yourself looking for a great Father’s Day gift, too, here are some ideas to help you in your search:

The Perfect Fit

Buck Slayer shirt Fathers Day gift for dadThese shirts are funny and cool; perfect dad gifts for Father’s Day and a sure fire way to make your dad smile. There are hunting and fishing tees that proclaim dad a slayer of the wildlife of his choice, or relay a bigger than life tale of his favorite pastime. There’s also a tough guy design for those dads that like their steak rare and know no pain… or pretend not to, and a custom nickname that announces his alias to the world beneath a skull and cross-bone design. (If your dad doesn’t have a nickname consider making up a moniker. For instance, “Fluffy” could be fun.)

Give Him the Day

day at my day registry dad gift for Fathers DayDad gifts for Father’s Day are a cinch at My Day Registry. This unique company allows you to commemorate your dad with a unique day that celebrates the wonderful dad he is. Your father will also receive an online profile where you can upload photos, video, and music. In addition, he’ll receive a handsome Certificate of Ownership for his day, making for a unique Father’s Day gift you can be proud to give.

For Dads with Discriminating Tastes

vosges bacon chocolate dad gift for Fathers DayIf your Dad has a sweet tooth and loves something unique, you’ve got to get him the Vosges’ milk and dark chocolate bacon bars. These dad gifts for Father’s Day are chocolate bliss, made with Applewood smoked bacon, a bit of Alderwood salt, and high quality cacao. The best chocolaty treats to give dad a great sampling of his favorite flavors, and may very well make you a star with him this Father’s Day. Who knows? He may even share!

The Thrill He Won’t Forget

flight experience dad gift for Fathers DayIf you really want to wow your dad this Father’s Day, consider a flight from Xperience Days in a 1940’s Sonoma Aerobatic Biplane. One of the best dad gifts for Father’s Day; choose from scenic flights, an aerobatic thrill ride, or even a hands-on flight in one of more than thirty locations throughout the U.S. A spectacular experience that boasts adventure and exudes fun, I promise that this high-flying gift is one your dad won’t soon forget.

Hidden Message

hidden message tie dad gift for Fathers Day For dads who love sweet messages, this may be just the thing: the hidden message tie. What father doesn’t love being told how much he is loved and appreciated? Now anytime he has an important meeting, he can wear his new favorite tie and read the hidden message for a little boost of confidence. He’ll love the tie’s sleek look and smooth silk feel. Dad gifts for Father’s just got easier with this unique tie and it’s hidden note compartment.

Buying dad great dad gifts for Father’s Day isn’t rocket science. Who knows? With a little forethought you may even be able to smile at your own overachieving sibling this year when she watches your father unwrap the perfect Father’s Day gift, one that’s thoughtful, well-planned, and especially from you.

Do you have dad gifts for Father’s Day? Please share! We love to hear your unique Father’s Day gift ideas!

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  1. Great Post Carol.

  2. Elizabeth Marshall says

    My blog post for today has a wonderful Etsy Treasury of Unique Fathers Day Gifts… I think you’ll get a kick out of the great items I’ve chosen. You can find this treasury at my blog:, or on Etsy at:


  3. A great collection of gift ideas. Thanks for posting.

  4. We have some great personalised gifts for Dad! Could try something a little different next year.

  5. Just got my dad the dark chocolate / bacon for his birthday and he actually loved it. He is a big candy freak. When he saw bacon too, he was in heaven. I agree, you just have to know what kind of dad you are buying for and there is something for all of them.

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