Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts

cute couple kissing behind heart for valentines dayPuppies are cute. But if you want to give cute Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s best to avoid the kind that wake everybody up with a 3 a.m. “I-need-to-go-out” whine. Cute Valentine’s Day gifts should be sweet and thoughtful; they’re the kind that make your love say “awww!” So what’s a lover to do when it’s time to choose just the right Valentine’s Day gift? Not to worry!! I’ve got some gifts that will have your Valentine gushing to all their friends about just how cute their Valentine’s Day gift was! And let’s not forget- how cute their Valentine is too!

Give Your Love a Voice

cute valentines day gift voice art gallery canvasVoice Art Gallery is a company that takes your recorded message and transforms it into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Yes, you read that correctly. Using cutting-edge technology, Voice Art turns sound waves into an original artwork your sweetheart will proudly hang at home or at the office. Talk about cute Valentine’s Day gifts—literally!

Recording is simple. Upload a pre-recorded message or record your message directly to their website; all you need is a quiet room and a microphone (which is probably already on your computer). Some customers use their smartphones to record a message and email it directly to Voice Art. After recording, choose from one of their many color selections. Then pick a size and frame for the artwork.

The hardest part will probably be deciding on the special message. But whether you shout “Love you, Pookie!” or whisper “You’re the joy in my life,” your Valentine will love to show off this cute Valentine’s Day gift.

Capture a Day in Your Shared Life

my day registry cute valentines day giftWhy dedicate a love song on the radio when you can dedicate an entire day to that special someone? Through My Day Registry, you’re able to give your loved one a day that’s exclusively theirs. Without question, this is one of the most thoughtful and cute Valentine’s Day gifts you’ll find. Your sweetheart will receive a certificate of ownership on keepsake-quality paper plus an online profile where you can upload photo, video, and music memories of the special day.

Give a Year’s Worth of Romantic Dates

cute valentines day gift 52 date cardsOne of the problems with Valentine’s Day is that it’s only one day a year. But you don’t stop loving your sweetie the other 364 days, do you? Show them year-round love with these cute Valentine’s Day gifts: 52 Romantic Date Cards. Each card in this fun set features a different and exciting date idea. When you’re in the mood for a date, just mix up the deck and choose a card.

Imagine how much trouble fun you’ll have getting a little naughty with the Kiss-a-thon or Afternoon Delight cards. Or think of how many giggles you’ll share using the Strangers in the Night card or the Edible Art card. No matter which card you two love birds pick, you can rest assured that you’re in for an intimate date.

Leave a Mark on Your Valentine’s Heart

cute valentines day gift personalized tree love printBack when our grandparents were young and in love, they may have carved their names into a tree trunk and encircled their names with a heart. It was a gesture that immortalized their emotions. Now you can bring that old-fashioned charm into the Valentine’s home or office with the personalized Tree of Love print. You just need to see these cute Valentine’s Day gifts! The print features a tree that’s been digitally altered to showcase a carving of two names and a date, such as a wedding or first date. With its black mat and beveled black frame, this custom print is ready to wrap and give.

Get your creative juices flowing with this gift-giving idea: present the print after treating your loved one to a yummy Valentine’s picnic. Too chilly outside? Simply spread out a blanket inside and enjoy an intimate picnic lunch there.

Make Your Love Pop with 3D

cute valentines day gift personalized 3d photo frameThere’s a reason they say pictures are worth a thousand words. Put that old adage into action with one of the cute Valentine’s Day gifts from Snapily. Their 3D photo frames will highlight your honey’s favorite photos in a unique way. They offer adorable designs to suit any personality or decor, from the summery sunflower frame to the pink heart medley.

A Snapily frame makes a super-cute addition to any Valentine’s Day. Insert a favorite pic of you and your loved one into the frame before presenting it. Or you might give this gift in a package that includes a gift card to a favorite photo studio.

Give a cute Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t require your Valentine to let it out for a 3 a.m. potty break. When it comes to cute Valentine’s Day gifts, choose presents like the Voice Art Gallery or My Day Registry for something that’s mess-free and memorable.

Do you have ideas for cute Valentine’s Day gifts? Share them with me and you might just see them featured on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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  1. Love the idea of carving our initials into a tree, and snuggling on a picnic blanket. Candleit and poems roses and chocolate of course…

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