Cute Christmas Gift Ideas

cute little girl holding christmas giftsLooking for cute Christmas gift ideas but not sure where to start? It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a young niece or an old pal, you want a present that’s charming—the kind that will make everyone coo “Ahh…how sweet!” I love giving those, too; that’s why I’ve searched the best websites for cute Christmas gift ideas perfect for holiday gifting.

Give a Treasure Chest of Love

cute christmas gift idea project treasure chestProject Treasure is definitely one of the top cute Christmas gift ideas. It’s a classy, handcrafted wooden chest filled with personal notes from family, friends, or colleagues. The notes are printed on archival-quality paper and tied together with a blue satin ribbon. Project Treasure makes gift-giving easy by managing everything, from contacting contributors you choose to providing sentence starters for jump-starting contributors’ thoughts. The website also features a short video explaining the surprisingly simple process.

This unique gift will have so much more impact than buying a typical holiday present. With Project Treasure, you’re giving a loved one or other important person a tangible reminder of how they impact those around them. For example, give a cherished grandma the chest filled with notes written by her children and grandchildren. It’s also a perfect gift for a special volunteer or employee. Imagine the look on his or her face when the chest is opened to reveal a stack of appreciation letters from those who’ve been helped by that person. When you want a cute gift that will bring a smile (and maybe a happy tear) each time it’s opened, check out Project Treasure.

Amp Up the Adorable Factor

cute christmas gift idea Nyokki grass petForget those famous—but not so attractive—chia-growing clay sculptures. When you want cute Christmas gift ideas, take a look at the adorable line of Nyokki Grass Pets. Made from hand-glazed ceramic, each animal includes growing media and rye grass seed.

There’s a Nyokki Grass Pet to delight everyone on your list. Tuck the Kitty Pet under the tree for your wild-about-cats daughter, or give the Monkey Pet to a monkey-collecting co-worker. The company produces Christmas Pets, including a Santa Claus, that make charming gifts for any person with a flair for decking the halls. You can even satisfy the Goth kid in the family with Halloween-themed Pets. Their small size makes these unique presents a fun stocking stuffer, too.

Honor Them with a Personal “Holiday”

cute christmas gift idea personal holiday My Day Registry allows you to dedicate a day in someone’s honor. Simply register the date with the company’s international registry, and that special person will receive a customized certificate of ownership and an online profile, where you and others can share video, music, and photos.

Cute Christmas gift ideas don’t come any sweeter than My Day Registry. No matter who you’re shopping for, that person has experienced special events they’ll remember forever. My Day Registry lets you celebrate that occasion, whether it’s a milestone anniversary or an educational achievement. It’s also an endearing choice for that loved one who has it all.

Dedicate a Rose

cute christmas gift idea name a rose gift boxIf you’re shopping for a garden- or outdoors-lover this holiday season, this is one of the cute Christmas gift ideas you’ll want to check out. The Name a Rose Kit includes rose seeds, plant markers, and instructions so that special person is able to grow and name their very own rose plant. It also includes information for entering the rose into the International Rose Naming Registry.

Think of how much fun your family member or friend will have cultivating their own rose. He or she can give the beautiful plant a fun name, or name it in honor of someone they love. The Name a Rose Kit is also a cute family present because planting and caring for the rose is an activity everyone, from toddlers to grandparents, will enjoy. The family will also have a great time creating a name for the new garden addition.

Show Love with a Love Book

cute christmas gift idea love book onlineSometimes, in the flurry of our crazy, busy lives, we forget to say the things that matter to the ones we love the most. One of the top cute Christmas gift ideas, called LoveBookOnline, is designed to share those sentiments year round. This unique service prints a book that you’ve customized to let a loved one know exactly how you feel. You simply choose a cover design, and then select and customize the pages.

The Love Book is a charming present because it’s a gift that shares all those loving emotions you feel. Tell a young child how much you love him or her, share words of wisdom with a soon-to-be-married couple, or thank your spouse for the million things he or she does for the family. A Love Book that comes from the heart is a sweet keepsake that your special someone will cherish forever.

If cute Christmas gift ideas are on your to-do list, don’t drive yourself into a tizzy hunting for a gift that’s charming and unique. Whether you give Project Treasure’s keepsake chest of personal sentiments, a customized Love Book, or any of the other cute holiday ideas, you can be sure you’re giving a gift that will having them saying “Ahh…how sweet!”

Do you have cute Christmas gift ideas? Please share by leaving a comment below, you never know they may just end up in my next Christmas article!

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