Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift

woman holding wrapping paper representing creative ways to wrap a giftThe day of love is upon us and chances are you’ve put a lot of thought into finding just the right gift for that special someone. Maybe you’ve registered a special day with My Day Registry. Perhaps you’ve picked up a sparkly something-or-other. But your job doesn’t stop after you’ve purchased the gift: now it’s time to wrap. You could go to the local card shop and pick up a ho-hum roll of wrapping paper or you can tap one of these creative ways to wrap a gift.

Put Pizzazz into Gift Cards

baks creative way to wrap gift cardGift cards are ideal presents for Valentine’s Day. You purchase the card, and your loved one gets to spend it any way they want. It takes much of the hassle out of deciding whether she would prefer, for instance, a mani-pedi or a deep cleansing facial. But one of the disadvantages of the gift card is that the presentation is often, well, boring. After all, many retailers and vendors don’t put a lot of pizzazz in those envelopes provided with the cards. That’s why one of the most creative ways to wrap a gift like a gift card is the Baks.

Pronounced “box,” this ready-made, keepsake quality gift package comes complete with a bow and tag. The gift box comes flat, so simply unfold the box, pull the string to make the ribbon and insert the Valentine’s present. Easy as pie and I just love the variety of colors and pattern designs to choose from! The size also makes it a great way to present money, jewelry and other small gifts. The company donates 1% of proceeds to the children’s charity Operation Smile, which gives you an extra reason to feel good about giving a gift nestled in a Baks.

Say It with Wrapping Paper

creative way to wrap a gift name wrapping paperYour love is unique, so why not say it uniquely with personalized wrapping paper? When it comes to creative ways to wrap a gift, you just can’t beat the customized gift wrap and ribbons from favor and gift company Beau-coup. The ordering process is easy enough for the busiest Valentine’s shopper. Pick from their large selection of wrapping paper styles and ribbon. Then create the custom text. It can be a simple message, like “I love you, Rita,” or “For my sexy love bug.” Did you recently marry your sweetheart? Personalize the paper with her new monogram. No matter which personalized gift wrap or ribbon you choose, your loved one may not want to throw the paper away!

Bag It in Style

creative way to wrap a gift unique shape bagsGift bags make it easy to package presents for a loved one. But most of them are fairly generic. But if your love isn’t ordinary, then you don’t want an ordinary gift bag to present to your sweetheart. That’s a Wrap’s creative ways to wrap a gift is just the solution you’re looking for.

This company offers specialty gift bags to coordinate with any Valentine’s gift theme. Are you giving your soccer fan boyfriend tickets to a pro game? Insert the tickets into a die-cut soccer ball bag. Have you planned a relaxing spa trip for your pretty-in-pink lady? Place the gift card in one of That’s a Wrap’s die-cut pink rose bags. All bags come with a tag so you can write a message to your sweetheart.

Add Grrr to Your Gift

creative way to wrap gift animal print supplies You could walk into a card shop and buy wrapping paper rolls, gift bags, and ribbons that are pretty. But pretty may not fit your loved one’s personality. That’s when it’s time to consider the creative ways to wrap a gift from Box & Wrap. This company offers a range of themes that tap into the wild side.

Are you giving a set of silky boxers to your tiger? Then package it like a pro with a gift bag from their exotic crouching tiger gift collection. He’ll know you’re interested in bringing out his wild side before he ever opens the package. Maybe you’re married to a woman who loves to live on the edge. Wrap her Cupid Day gift box in ribbon printed with zebra or leopard designs.

Show Them You Know Them with Little Extras

creative way to wrap a gift flower extraSometimes a little extra can go a long way, especially when it comes to presenting that special gift. One of the most simple and creative ways to wrap a gift is by customizing it with accents that you know your loved one will love. One-stop craft shops like Michaels offer hundreds of options for personalizing gift wrap. Nestle a perfect faux red rose into a ribbon or nestle a stuffed animal into a gourmet gift basket. If your love has a sweet tooth, attach a gourmet lollipop to the gift tag. If possible, try to make the little extra fit with the gift’s theme. Are you giving the gift of a baking class? String a cookie cutter through the package’s ribbon.

You spend so much time choosing the perfect present—take the time to pick the perfect package, too. From personalized wrapping paper to a gift bag that brings out your lover’s wild side, it’s easy to find creative ways to wrap a gift.

Do you have creative gift wrap ideas? Come on, I know you do! Don’t be shy, leave a comment and share them with me. You never know, you may just see it mentioned in my next article!

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