Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

ideas for creative Christmas giftsCreative Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by, whether you’re shopping for a new girlfriend or an uncle who has everything. It seems like department stores carry the “same ol’ same ol’”, and there are few options that would make your present stand out from the crowd. The good news is that you can find original gifts—as long as you know where to look. Here are creative Christmas gift ideas you can count on to deliver smiles Christmas morning.

Make Merry with Custom Music

creative christmas gift idea custom songDo you remember mix tapes? Way back in the….well…let’s just say way back, when you wanted to give a unique gift, you created a cassette tape made up of a collection of songs that reminded you of that person.

I Got You a Song is way better than a mix tape. One of the most creative Christmas gift ideas I’ve found this year, it allows you to custom order a song for your special someone. Simply fill out the company’s online form with a description of what you’d like the song to be about. Musician Cole will write a 2- to 3-minute song based on that description. When the song is completed, you’ll receive an email with a link to a YouTube video of Cole performing the piece with an acoustic guitar. Then, share the video with family and friends.

As if a custom song isn’t cool enough, the price is even cooler. Packages start at only $14.99, and I Got You a Song also offers upgrade options, such as choice of instrument or song genre.

The possibilities for giving this gift are endless. Order a song for your long-time love or a tune for your childhood best pal. The website features plenty of example videos, so you can check out the service before ordering.

Dedicate a Date

creative christmas gift idea my day registry No matter who is on your holiday shopping list, chances are that person has enjoyed moments that stay in his or her heart for a lifetime. That makes My Day Registry one of the creative Christmas gift ideas your loved one will talk about long after the holiday decorations are packed away.

When you dedicate a special date with My Day Registry, it’s recorded in their international database. That day then belongs exclusively to the person being honored. He or she will receive a customized framed parchment certificate verifying their ownership of that date.

With registration, the special person will also receive a shareable online profile you can use to upload pictures, video, and music to remember the milestone or event. For example, if you’re giving a My Day Registry package to a newly married couple, use the profile to share images and memories of their wedding day.

Etch This Christmas into Their Heart

creative christmas gift idea beetchy glasswareThe idea of giving glassware as a gift might strike a ho-hum ring for those with a more modern style. But the glassware from BeEtchy Glass is definitely not ho-hum; in fact, it’s more along the lines of Ho! Ho! Ho! The store offers a collection of fun glassware, from votives etched with a funky skull design to a customized “lovers” glass coffee mug set.

BeEtchy also offers a custom service that allows you to add a personal touch to the glassware. For example, give your favorite football fan a 23-ounce football-shaped mug personalized with a name, team logo, or number. The design can be etched or applied in full color. This custom holiday present is the perfect idea for the football fan in your life, whether she’s passionate about the local high school team or he’s wild about the pros. Contact the shop for more original gift ideas.

Go Green with a Recycled Bike Tire Wallet

creative christmas gift idea recycled bike tire walletWhether your loved one likes to live the green life or simply loves to bike, you can’t go wrong with this next item on my creative Christmas gift ideas list: the El Presidente recycled bike tube wallet. This unique, earth-friendly accessory is refashioned from recycled bike tires and inner tubes. Each one is hand-stitched for a one-of-a-kind look. Since the wallet is a destruction- and cruelty-free product, it’s also an ideal holiday gift for the vegan in your life.

Give the Gift of Creativity

creative christmas gift idea sneaker customization kitWhen it comes to creative Christmas gift ideas, let your loved one exercise his or her own individuality. The Sneaker Customization Kit lets them do exactly that. This holiday gift set includes 5 colors of waterproof paint, a high-quality paint brush, an empty paint mixing container, and special wipes to prepare the shoes. The kit includes a guide to creating custom shoe artwork. This is a super-fun gift idea for anyone with a creative spark.

Don’t follow the crowds into ordinary stores to buy the same gifts everyone else is giving. Whether you choose a custom tune from I Got You a Song or the memory-preserving My Day Registry, these creative Christmas gift ideas are sure to let your loved one know how much thought you put into their holiday gift.

What are some of your creative Christmas gift ideas? Please share by leaving a comment below, you never know they may just end up in my next Christmas article!

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