What To Do For Mother’s Day

Mom spends all year doing things for others. Whether its shuffling the kids off to soccer practice, helping dad with his tie, or volunteering down at the local homeless shelter, one thing is for sure: mom does a lot! So With mom’s special day coming up on May 12, 2013, its time to start thinking about what to do for Mother’s Day. Mother’s… Read More »

Unique Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Day

What kind of gift do you give to the person who does so much for your child? The person who stays up late grading papers, often times uses their own money to make your child’s classroom experience more meaningful, and most importantly the person who shapes your child’s mind. With National Teacher Appreciation Day coming up on May 7, 2013, unique gift ideas… Read More »

What To Get For Mother’s Day

Ah, springtime. It’s the time of year when flowers start to bloom and before you know it you’re storing your plastic Easter eggs, and wondering what to get for Mother’s Day. With May 12, 2013 inching closer, I can’t slow time but I can help you find the perfect gift for that special woman, whether she’s a first-time mom or a cherished great-grandmother.… Read More »

One of a Kind Wedding Gifts

A couple and their wedding are about as one of a kind as you can get, so, why not also give them a one of a kind wedding gift. Wedding gifts are a symbol of love and celebration on one of the most important days of a person’s life. The best wedding gifts are those that are personalized and represent the couple’s uniqueness… Read More »

Go Green with Eco-Friendly Gifts

For more than 40 years, Americans have been celebrating Earth Day by living greener. As a culture, we’re more conscience of the state of the world around us. We buy greener technologies and do our best to conserve so future generations can enjoy the same earth we do. We even teach our children to reduce, reuse, and recycle for a leaner and greener… Read More »

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide Are you tired of searching the web for exactly the right present for mom? Have you started to break into a sweat as the big day approaches because you still haven’t decided on a gift? Do you need a Mother’s Day gift guide? Stop searching, my friend, because this Mother’s Day gift guide will get you started… Read More »

What To Get Mom

What to get mom? That is the the question. You love your mom dearly and cherish the woman she is but just can’t quite figure out what to get mom! There’s been a few hints she’s dropped during the year and a few things you’ve come across that you knew she would adore. But alas, those gift ideas are long forgotten and you’re… Read More »

Austin Accents Giveaway!

Unique Gift Idea Review: AustinAccents.com

I don’t know about you, but for me special occasions always lead to The Search for the Perfect Gift. It almost sounds like it could be the title of a movie, doesn’t it? After all, The Search can be tough, especially when you really care about someone. Maybe you’re buying for gal pal bridesmaids or for the grandmother who’s given you so much.… Read More »

What To Get Someone Who Has Everything

The person who has everything. If you know one of these people, you understand just how hard it is to find the right gift— especially if you’re not too keen on spending a fortune or the rest of the week looking for it. But searching for what to get someone who has everything doesn’t need to be a time and money drain. You… Read More »

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