Unique Gift Ideas for Gay and Lesbian Couples

Do you ever have difficulty finding unique gifts for your gay friends, their partners, or their special ceremonies? Or are you the type that always wants to find the most unique gifts, come across as the most thoughtful guest at the party and totally wow your friends – all while staying on budget? If you aren’t gay or lesbian yourself sometimes it can… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: StarRegistry.com

The next time you see a star falling across the sky . . . it could just be your own. With StarRegistry.com you can buy your piece of the sky for any occasion under the sun. Offering many different packages and two in one gifts for every special someone in your life, StarRegistry.com is the perfect solution to giving to the person who… Read More »

Unique Gift of the Month Clubs for Her

Gentlemen please pay attention… I’m going to let you in on one of those little secrets that we often try so hard to hide. We love to be smothered in unique gifts, indulge ourselves in life’s pleasures and feel appreciated not every now and then, but all the time. We have put together some unique Gift of the Month Clubs that she is… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: OneShare.com

With my niece’s birthday just around the bend – just last week I was hard at work surfing the web for a truly unique gift. My niece is only five, which may have you wondering why a Barbie or anything Hannah Montana just wouldn’t do. I mean, after all, with the younger set these things often don’t steer you wrong.

Unique Gift Idea Review: MyDayRegistry

While there are always those companies who simply put a new spin on an old favorite, when it comes to gift giving, we were almost certain everything had been thought of. That was until last week when we ran across a new, up-in-coming company called MyDayRegistry.com. You’re probably thinking “So out of all the millions of gift ideas out there what makes theirs… Read More »

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