April Fools Gags

April Fool's GagsIf you are counting the days to April 1st, have chosen the perfect victim, and are waiting for hilarity to ensue, you aren’t alone. There are thousands of folks around the world who take the comedy of April Fools gags very seriously indeed — and just as many who consider the day a personal challenge. Gags for April Fools vary immensely, and the options are plentiful. But if you take pride in being your household’s number one prankster check out a few of my personal favorite gags that will have some faces turning red and everyone laughing:

Look Ma, I won!

These fun — albeit fake — lottery scratch-off tickets guarantee a “winner” every time! They look so real that your friends and family will revel in their “winnings” until they flip the card over to find the redemption instructions and read the fine print. This amusing April fools gag is perfect for those pals who seem to be on a winning streak or love to brag about their great luck! This April Fools gag will have you as the lucky one this year.

Hey, Watch Where You’re Sitting!

If you don’t mind listening at the powder room door, I promise you’re in for a real belly laugh with this gag. The motion-sensitive toilet paper holder allows you to pre-record a message for you guests and family members. The moment they turn the roll, The Talking Toilet Paper Dispenser repeats the message: giving your company a bit of a shock and you hours of amusement. It offers six seconds of recording time and runs on AAA batteries. Be forewarned: You may have just as much fun coming up with new messages for unsuspecting visitors as you do listening in on their reactions! I have a sneaky suspicion that this gag will be used for more than just for April Fools!

Who Would Do That?

Have a co-worker who always takes the best parking space? Irritated with people parking in the fire lane? Have a friend who loves to brag she’s never had a ticket? Here’s an April Fool’s Day gag that you’re going to love. These fake parking tickets are astonishingly real looking and almost guaranteed to shake even your most stoic friends and acquaintances… while you stand back and watch. To add extra sting to this April Fools gag, video record them and then share their reaction with your co-workers!

Should have said, “Yes.

An April Fools Day gag with a great twist, you’ll enjoy the reactions of co-workers, waiters, and even that great-looking girl who’s been ignoring you when you leave this faux ATM receipt in sight. Be creative and see who values money most among your friends and colleagues.
We’ll Return After These Messages

Do you live with a spouse who dominates the remote? Vie daily for time in front of the screen? Work in a location where the TV is always tuned to the weather? Wish the tube at local car repair shop or doctor’s office could be changed while you wait? I’ve got just the April Fools gag to solve your dilemma. The Covert Clicker lets you change the channel and no one in the room will be the wiser as to how –or why—the channel just changed. Goodbye football game; hello soap opera (or vice versa if you’re so inclined). Not only will you enjoy the show, you’ll relish the response of those who’ve been monopolizing your TV! Best part of all is watching the reactions of everyone around you making for one of the best April Fools gags!

April Fool’s Day gags can be fun, laughable, and even gratifying when put into motion for the occasion. Finding cool gags for April Fool’s Day isn’t difficult and can lead to a welcome break from ho-hum life. So, go ahead, choose your victim, find the perfect tool to accomplish your mission, and let the merriment begin!

Do you know some great gags for April Fool’s Day? Leave me a comment and you may just see it on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!!


  1. April Fool’s day is a day of fun and laughs and what would be far better than having a beautiful meal to go with it. Then prepare a special breakfast on April Fool’s Day using tiny quail eggs, fried sunny-side up, a small slice of toasted cocktail bread and a fried sliver of bacon. Serve the miniature April Fool’s Day breakfast on the largest serving plates you own. Fold a bath towel as a napkin, place large serving forks and spoons on the towel for your family to eat with, then call them for breakfast. The smell of fried bacon will wet their appetites and the prank will be on them. It’s one of my favorite prank.

  2. shalymere says

    Hahahaha.. a perfect ideas for April fools prank. I’m pretty much sure lots will be victimize.

  3. I went on a ski trip this weekend and brought along the Covert Clicker to try out on my unsuspecting friends. Needless to say it was a great prank!! I sat outside clicking away through the window watching my friends look around obviously confused as to why the channel kept changing. Absolutely priceless! Now I can’t wait to try the talking toliet paper roll on April Fools!!

  4. haha those are funny 😀 people here not really celebrate this april fool but it always nice to know about what people will do for april fool in foreign country 🙂 ^_^ you have nice blogs ! especially your unique gifts 🙂

  5. Hahahahah awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing I wish I had have found your site sooner!

  6. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing for your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

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