Anniversary Gifts for a Deployed Soldier

soldier kissing his wife goodbye representing anniversary gifts for a deployed soldierA soldier wrote me the other day explaining that his anniversary was quickly approaching and that he was deployed overseas. He asked me “What should I get my wife for our first Anniversary? ” and I had trouble thinking of the perfect gift that says, “I Love You” from 10,000 miles away!! So, doing what I do best I decided to sit down and find the most heartfelt anniversary gifts for a deployed soldier from around the internet.

The gifts that I have found all have three things in common that make them the perfect anniversary gifts for a deployed soldier. They all share a uniqueness that shows not only that you are sweet, loving and romantic, but you took the time to find and share with them something that most people have never heard of.

Stake Claim And Proclaim Your Love

anniversary gift a day at my day registryThis may just be the most romantic anniversary gift for a deployed soldier that I have ever stumbled upon!! Thousands… Probably hundreds of thousands of couples all over the world share the same anniversary day as you and call it their “Anniversary Day”. What if you could proclaim your everlasting love by staking a claim to that day for the whole world to see? allows you to proclaim that love by registering your anniversary day (as long as no one else has!) and sends your loved one a beautifully framed certificate as proof of ownership. They also keep a record of “Title and Ownership Rights” in their database and allow you to create an online profile sharing your special day with everyone else.

Message In A Bottle From Overseas

marine corps message in a bottle anniversary giftOne of my all time personal favorites is the “Message in a Bottle” and it would be absolutely perfect as an anniversary gift for a deployed soldier! A message in a bottle sent from a distant land by her deployed soldier on her anniversary is sure to melt her heart and make her think of you every time she walks by her beautifully decorated bottle and thinks of your love note sitting in it. Timeless Message has a wide selection of beautifully decorated bottles to choose from and pre-written love notes for those deployed soldiers that have trouble getting their words on paper. They also have customized notes for those deployed soldiers that have a special message to send from overseas.

Deployed To The Spa

spa gift certificate anniversary gift You may be the one that is deployed without the creature comforts of home risking everything for your country, but remember and remind your wife that you aren’t the only one sacrificing for the good of the country. Remind her on her anniversary that you understand how hard and stressful it is maintaining the home and taking care of the children by arranging a day off or a baby sitter, so she can spend the day at the spa thinking about how much she loves you. has anniversary gift certificates for spas all over the country no matter what part of the country she lives in.

No matter what anniversary gifts you decide on as a deployed soldier, just remember that it doesn’t matter how small or big, cheap or expensive, routine or romantic her anniversary gift is because all she really cares about is that you were thinking of her and took the time to find something truly special.

Do you have ideas for anniversary gifts for a deployed soldier that you would like to share? Leave me a comment and you may just see it on Unique Gift Ideas Blog!

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  1. What a great blog! These are awesome ideas. I’m always looking for affordable gift basket ideas for soldiers.

  2. This is a beautiful, thoughtful site and I am glad I found it today. The ideas for deployed service people are truly touching. I would get my deployed soldier a digital camera

    so I can send him pictures from home!

  3. Those are some great ideas! I don’t think you can ever miss with something personalized like engraved jewelry items or maybe a picture frame with a special love message. The uniqueness would obviously be the type of love message written on the frame!

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