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1minime custom bobblehead giveaway

Custom Bobblehead

I spend lots of time talking and writing about really great and unique gifts for all kinds of occasions! Now my readers have the opportunity to win one of these unique gifts! This is my very first giveaway and I think you’ll really love the one of a kind gift that is up for grabs!

We are giving away a custom bobblehead designed and specially made by 1minime.com!, plus three discount coupons good for $15 off any custom bobblehead purchase. Perfect for a cool boss, a spouse who has everything, or a best friend who needs some humor in her life, these bobbleheads are absolutely tops!

One of the most fun gifts I’ve seen in years, these cool bobbleheads, are handmade and customized to your request…send in a photo and they’ll create a likeness that you’ll love, then choose from the clothes and positions of one of five hundred different models or submit your own. The sculpture can be modified as many times as you require ensuring that it’s simply perfect. These bobbleheads are durable and made to last for years to come, a great souvenir that’s sure to bring back fun memories down the road. A bobblehead: who would have thought that a novelty toy could be so very fabulous?

“OK,” you’re asking, “Cool gift. How do I get one?” This is the fun part. To enter the giveaway* simply “like” us on Facebook, and then leave a comment on this giveaway post (see below) and tell me who you’d pick to receive the gift, how you’d customize it, and why. I’m looking for ideas that are as unique as this gift, so take some time and tell me your thoughts. Be creative and have fun, I can’t wait to hear your visions for this great gift giveaway!

Submissions will be accepted until Friday, April 14th 10 PM P.S.T. We will randomly select one winner to receive their very own custom bobblehead! Second, third and fourth runners up will receive a discount coupon of $15 toward any custom bobblehead, so what are you waiting for?! Enter now!!

On Friday, April 15th we’ll announce the winner! Good luck!

Update:Wow! I really enjoyed reading all of your entries and would like to thank everyone for entering. I wish I could giveaway each and every person that entered a boblehead, but then it wouldn’t be much of a contest lol. So, without further a due….Drum roll please…The winner’s are…

Grand Prize: Cynthia R.!!

Runner-ups: Debbie W., Deanna, and Gabriela

*Rules: Only one entry per person. No cash value. No purchase required. If winner does not claim prize by April 28, 2011, winner gives up all rights to prize and an alternate will be selected. Winner will be chosen randomly using randomizer.org. If original winner loses rights to prize, the person’s name will be removed from entry and another randomly selected person using randomizer.org will be chosen. Winners will be contacted via e-mail at the time the winner is announced. Entry in contest serves as acceptance of terms to use winner’s name and or picture on blog.

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  1. I would love to give this bobblehead to my friend for his upcoming birthday! He is a huge basketball fan and collects all the player bobbleheads for his favorite team, the Lakers! I think it would be so awesome to have a bobblehead of him in a Laker’s jersey, he would love it!

  2. Dave Johnson says

    Cool stuff………….

    I’m retired. I want a bobblehead of me in a beach chair relaxing on the beach!

  3. like fb would give it to friends getting married

  4. Like you on facebook from Misty Sunrise. I would do give this to my daughter, and I would make it look like her. She is such an adorable blue eyed blonde. 🙂

  5. FB fan would love to give this to my husband 1. Because dwight got one on the show the office and that was cool and two because my husband REALLY wants one

  6. Bibi Khan says

    I would chose my daughter and my husband…Give it like a daddy’s little girl theme…My husband would love to have a piece to display one of his proudest joy’s.

  7. Sharon Harmon says

    Liked you on Facebook 😉
    I would choose my wonderful mom-in-law and have it with short curly brownish-grayish hair, wire frame eye glasses, some wrinkles, and some lipstick! I would choose her because she is quite a character and would get a kick out of it!

  8. I liked on FB.

    I’d get one for my male BFF. He’s always so hard to shop for & this would be funny.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  9. I would enjoy getting a custom bobble head made of our grand daughter as a gift for my husband for his birthday.

  10. Monique Rizzo says

    Id pick my brother. He would love this.
    Thanks for the chance.

  11. Angie Johnson says

    I would give the bobblehead to my boyfriend as a Chef or in the kitchen cause we love cooking together and creating awesome recipes and improving plain ones!

  12. Kimberley says

    My Dad is going to be 85 years old this July. Hard to believe because he certainly doesn’t look or act his age- very active. He was a former baseball player in his youth and is a lifelong Yankee fan. He is mistaken for Whitey Ford all the time and I think it would be really cool to get his own bobblehead. Place him on the mound in a Yankees jersey and perhaps have my mom catching? He would love it and I know it would be his show and tell for all the family, friends and neighbors to see. Thank you for your consideration- and yes, I “liked” on Facebook.

  13. Maggie Neilson says

    I would use this to make a likeness of my daughter’s boyfriend. She is leaving for college soon and I think it might cheer them both up.

  14. Teia VanHorn says

    I would love to have one of these for my husband, it is soo hard ti get him gifts and this woul be beyond awesome. You could get one every 10 years to show how you changed over the years! What a great gift.

  15. I would love to get a chef’s body bobblehead with my face on it so I can put it in my office. People know that I love to eat like a chef but don’t cook like one. This will be the only time that my face will be attached to a chef’s body and the only time they will see that. Haha! Hopefully!

  16. Tracey Byram says

    FB fan-tracey byram. I’d get my 2 grandchildren playing baseball, one pitching, one batting, because they are playing ball for the first time this year.

  17. jane jakins says

    friends getting married

  18. Catherine Horner says

    Hi Carol Ann. I like you on facebook. I would get one of my boyfriend, maybe playing guitar!

  19. I liked on FB.

    I’d get one for my brother. He’s a bobblehead collector and would really enyoy these.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  20. Samantha says

    I NEED to make a bobble head of my Mother. That would be a hit present for darned near everyone in my family:)

  21. Alma Beraza says

    I would like to give this bobblehead to my husband…his new job takes his out of town for several weeks and his misses our grandson Frankie alot. I would like the bobblehead to be of our Frankie. Thanks

  22. I liked you on facebook. I’d love to do a bobble head with the blue guitar for a friend. it would make an awesome birthday gift or something…he always wanted to learn and wishes he could be in a band. it would be a version of that!

  23. I love these!!! I Liked you on facebook and I would have one made of my husband. He loves baseball and has a room decorated in honor of the NY Yankees. I would have him in one of his favorite players uniforms with a bat. He would so love it since he likes bobble heads. I really glad to have found this shop.
    Thank you

  24. Is it so bad to say that I want to keep this bobblehead for myself? I’m the kind of girl who’s larger than life anyway – big hats, big sunnies, bright colors, so I think a bobblehead would suit my sty;e and personality perfectly. Plus, my husband would laugh for about a week straight once he saw it.

    I’ve liked you on FB – Katrina Perkosky.

  25. Tracy Taylor says

    I liked on FB as Tracy Taylor and I would pick my girls to make into bobbleheads – how fun! I think that would brilliant – I have two of them 🙂 They would love it. I would really want them to look like my girls if possible, one all in pink, one a bit cute gothic both with glasses ect. It would be so fun!

  26. I like you on Facebook – my FB name is Amanda Moore and I would get a bobblehead of my sister made for my mom! I think she would think it was hilarious!

  27. I would most likely use it as a gift for one of the eight weddings I am attending this summer : )

  28. i would like to have this bobblehead for me because this would be good motivational to loose weight and have a sexy body like the On the beach bobblehead.

  29. R.Mueller says

    I would like to get a bobble head of my boss at work. He is forever making fun of me and saying that I am the crazy one at work, that this would be the best little bit of revenge in a good way and would be so perfect to put up at the front of the store of him!!!!

  30. I would love to give this to my dad for fathers day. We always joke with each other about eveerrythinnggg and all of our gifts are gag gifts. I think he would be the only one to truly appreciate this- and since we always joke he has a pinhead it would just be ironic haha

  31. I collect bobbleheads, so I’d love to get this of my hubby and me so one day our little boy could have it! What a great anniversary gift for my hubby! Liked you FB

  32. teh doll says

    I would get my self done … and give it to my husband
    he just got a promotion at work and will be getting his own office. this would be perfect to put on his desk.

    I would love if they could really make it look like me from the doll dress to my platform shoes. I have a ton of tattoos if they would maybe want to put a few on just to make it realistic.
    I have a tattoo that i would send in and have them make the bobble head from that sketch.

    like you on fb teh doll

  33. These are just so cool!

  34. Dana West says

    Oh gosh! I could think of a million fun ways to do this! I think that my son would love it most though! He is 5 and is playing baseball this year for the first time. It would be really cool to have one of him in his black and yellow jersey with #32. Nate would freak out! He would always remember his first year of baseball! Fun!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  35. Sueboobadoo says

    I would choose to have our daughter bobbleheaded for my hubby 🙂 After 2.5 years we finally finalized our adoption and she’s OURS FOREVER 🙂

  36. Like you on FB. I would give this to my daughter to put at her station. She is a hair dresser.

  37. I liked you on Facebook. I’d give this to my best friend since her birthday is coming up i’d give this as a present. She totally likes random fun stuff so she’d be so happy to receive something like this. I’d have her bobblehead wear some random cartoon clothes hihi:D

  38. I like you on Facebook (Kathie Perez)

    I’d pick my husband Josh to receive the gift because he already has 2 bobbleheads on his desk at work and it would be even funnier if he had one that looked like himself! I would customize it by making it look like him (the blue business shirt model) kinda like Dwight on The Office having his own bobblehead on his desk. Not that my husband is a dork like Dwight, because he’s not. I just think that would be funny and my husband deserves some humor at work because it’s a stressful job and he works really long hours.

  39. Allison B. says

    I would get something similar to the picture. It would be great to have for my upcoming wedding.

  40. Alexandra Andrei says

    :)) I’d choose a doctor professional for my boyfriend because he currently studies medicine. 😀

  41. thepricklypinecone says

    I would love a custom bobble head of my dad holding a leek. Rather random ,yes, but he grows and shows leeks and often wins. He is the most difficult person to find suitable things for and I know he would love one of these!

  42. Like you on FB
    I’d give it to my mom with her as a romance novel seductress. She loves those junk books

  43. Debbie Welchert says

    I liked you on FB/Debbie Welchert I would make a bobblehead of my daughter and son-in-law to be. I would make them dressed up in their original wedding dress and tux. This would be so special to them. They are getting married in May and what a great gift this would be.

  44. I like you on Facebook! (oksana vladimirovna)

    I would like to make a this amazing gift for my lovely hubby!!!

    Thank you for the chance!

  45. I’d love the “So Smart” bobblehead to gift to my son. He’s just started on his very 1st job at the local bank and I’m so very proud of him!

    I like on FB (jc loh), thanks for the fun giveaway.

  46. Claire Ryder says

    What an awesome idea! Would love to receive this as a pressie!
    Facebook fan here-Claire Ryder

    I would opt to have my Little Brother made into a Bobblehead Doll as I know he would adore it as much as I would

  47. I liked on FB.
    I would get this for my boyfriend. I’d get it with the picture I have of him wearing a fake mustache because it cracks me up every time!

  48. I’d like to make a bobble head of me and husband welcoming our unborn-yet baby.
    tribute to my unborn-yet baby 😀

  49. I like you on Facebook and my homepage is http://www.facebook.com/jacob.charries and I would get the Bobblehead of myself as the priest. I am an ordained minister and I performed my very first wedding ceremony and I would give it to the couple that I married (and I am very close friends with) as an anniversary gift. I think it would be meaningful yet hilarious!

  50. I would love to get my 13 y.o. son made into a bobble-head! He’d think it was the coolest thing ever, especially if his doll had the Japanese Warrior body. (Then again, maybe I’ll choose Musklor, the super-muscled body!)
    I like you on FB – alicia crenshaw

  51. I liked you on Facebook.
    I would give a bobblehead to my husband. He is an avid tennis player so I would get him one of the tennis player models.

  52. I like you on Facebook.
    I would get a bobblehead for my wife. She loves to go hiking and take photographs so I would get a bobblehead customized with her wearing hiking boots and carrying a camera.

  53. I’d give this bobblehead to my parents for their wedding anniversary on 20th April! It would be the perfect gift!

  54. id choose to give this to my parents because i want to surprise them with something. id customize the items to look like them so that they will be bearing in mind that no matter what happens they should be together forever, because thats how it should be

  55. I liked you on facebook as Nicoline G…
    I would give it to my husband and make it look a little redneck-ish. With a plaid lumberjack shirt and blue jeans. Because he’s a nerd with an inner redneck lumberjack.

  56. I Like you on Facebook – Cynthia M Richardson

    I’d pick my husband to receive the gift. I ‘d customize it by including pigeons (he raises and races them as a hobby) and labeling it “The Book” (his nickname). This would be such a unique gift – a real keeper!


  57. I liked you on FB.

    I want a bobblehead of me and I’d give it to my parents as a present. I think they would love to have a small daughter again 😉

  58. nathania hunter says

    I would love to give one to my father from my girls, a bobblehead of himself golfing, he would go nuts over that! what a great gift idea

  59. Liked you on fb (erin d)
    I’d choose the Custom bobblehead secretary woman in nice suit with laptop and give it to myself!! I’ve always wanted my own bobble head 🙂 And it suits me well because my job is dealing with computers.

  60. Really a lovely idea! I’d give it to my husband, I never know what to give him and that would be so much fun!!! Also, he would be easy to craft lol 😉

  61. i’d like to get myself with my .. Jacqueline .. my cat ..

  62. I would give one of myself to a friend who’s going to another country to study, for a very long time. My bobblehead would probably have a stern “You better be studying hard” look, just to make sure he’s going away for a good reason. No slacking! Hehe.

  63. Liked on FB from Ashley Spatula! My boyfriend would love this so much, he absolutely loves the show The Office and when Dwight got the bobble head he thought it was so cool!

  64. FB fan (Lubka Kotmanikova)
    I would give bobblehead of me to my friend who lives abroad. we cant see each other very often so I am pretty sure he would appreciate such gift. thanks.

  65. I would choose my youngest son and his future bride-to-be this July 9th for one of their wedding gifts.

  66. Richard T. says

    I want my beautiful wife of 35 years and me as an anniversary gift for this August 22.

  67. Shared about your giveaway on facebook

  68. susan smoaks says

    fb fan tony l smoaks
    i would get one of my husband and me and give it to my husband for our anniversary

  69. carolyn mcintyre says

    I would give this to my husband. He is in Afghanistan right now and I’d give it to him as a homecoming and/or Father’s day gift and I’d make it look like him. he’d get a real kick out of it and he could put it on his desk at home. I”d love to see it in a uniform since he is active duty air force. 🙂 He wears a flight suit to work so having a little pilot bobble head doll would be hysterical and fun. Thank you for the chance to win this awesome giveaway. I am crossing my fingers that I will win! I am a fan on FB!

  70. Carol Ann says

    Wow! I really enjoyed reading all of your entries and would like to thank everyone for entering! I wish I could giveaway a bobblehead to each and every person that entered, but then it wouldn’t be much of a contest lol. So, without further a due….Drum roll please…The winner’s are…

    Grand Prize: Cynthia Richardson!!

    Runner-ups: Debbie Welchert, Deanna, and Gabriela

    Thank you so much everyone and be sure to stay tuned for more great giveaways by signing up for our email updates!

  71. I made a bobblehead for my dad for his birthday this year because of this post and he loved it. It was the best gift I have ever giving him.

  72. LOL Those would make a great wedding gift! Too cute 🙂

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