10 Great Gift Ideas from WeeCanShop.com

weecanshopJust the other day, my children asked me what they could get me for Christmas this year. Usually, I simply give them a few bucks for everyone on their special list and I follow them around with the shopping cart at our local Dollar Tree – but as the kids are getting older, they are starting to realize that mom and dad know what they are getting when they can see exactly what’s going on.

My kids are still too small to journey forth on their very own at a store so I took to the world wide web in hopes of finding a shop especially for kids. To tell you the truth I didn’t expect to find one, but that’s when I got a pleasant surprise and ran across the Wee Can Shop site. Adorably formatted with sounds, a kid friendly village style shop (It actually reminds me of a game that my kids play called the Penguin Club) Wee Can Shop looked like a great and safe place to find the perfect gift for everyone on their list.

In keeping with the theme of Wee Can, this week the ten great gift ideas from WeeCanShop.com aren’t coming from me . . . they are coming from the heart of Wee Can’s shopaholics . . . the ten and under bunch.

Number one on our 10 great gift ideas from WeeCanShop.com . . .

Reindeer Car Costume

One look at this adorable costume for the mini-van and the kids just couldn’t resist it! Perfect for the car enthusiast on their list or just for guiding the “sleigh” safely to grandma’s this gift just speaks to the kid in all of us!

Holiday Scented Smencils

Mmm . . . smells like Christmas – and cookies and all kinds of yummy things that come with the holidays. With this delightful gift set, a simple doodle becomes a day of holiday baking with grandma. Kids will delight in these sweet scented treats but adults will secretly love them too!

Heart Shaped Measuring Spoons

Every good cook knows that a little love goes into every batch of sugar cookies . . . and with these heart shaped measuring spoons the family can watch the love go in! Perfect for the cook in your life, these sweet spoons are sure to capture the heart of the whole family.

Peace Sign Wreath

Peace on earth . . . and the door! This groovy peace sign wreath is sure to spread holiday cheer anywhere you hang it. Be it on the front door to greet carolers or above the hearth, this adorable wreath will remind everyone in the household that a little “peace” goes a long way!

Wish Pearl Necklace

Number five on our 10 great gift ideas from WeeCanShop.com, these pretty pearls are made for wishing and imagining to their hearts desire. Simply open the mollusk, pop out your pearl and make a wish. When you’re done, place the wish pearl into the provided pendant and keep it close to your heart.

Constructive Eating Kits

No more choo-choo train feeding little brother, these constructive eating spoons and forks will have baby begging to eat those smashed peas! The perfect gift between older siblings and younger siblings, bigger kids will even enjoy helping feed baby when they get to do it with a bulldozer!

Holiday Sniffy Pens

Number seven on our 10 great gift ideas from WeeCanShop.com, these holiday snifty pens make the office a whole lot merrier. Moms and dads will enjoy scribbling down those work orders to the fresh scents of the holidays. Also great for teachers, grading papers never smelled so fun!

OinkCoo Clock

Number nine on our list of 10 great gift ideas from WeeCanShop.com is this little Coo-Coo Clock with the most whimsy on the block! The Oink Coo Clock looks like something fresh out of a picture book and is perfectly fit to color in the black and white in any house. Hang it by the kitchen table for a little added fun, or gift it to grandma and granddad to stand out beautifully from their other more classic pieces.

Food Face Plates

Whoever said you shouldn’t play with your food obviously didn’t have one of these adorable food face plates to enjoy! These dinner delights come ready for green pea hair, carrot ears and even spaghetti hair! These great gifts are perfect for the youngest on their list – or just the young at heart.

Flower Power

And finally, number ten on our 10 great gift ideas from WeeCanShop.com, is a gift that deserves an A plus! A desk daisy paper clip holder, perfect for their favorite teacher!

If you are looking for a great and safe place to shop for your wee ones, Wee Can Shop can help. From big budgets to small piggies, any of these 10 great gift ideas from WeeCanShop.com is sure to make everyone on their wee little list have a very big and wonderful Christmas!

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  1. It is really a thing of beauty knowing that shopping for kids product or gift ideas are done conveniently at home. Thanks to the online shops who painstakingly do everything just to cater everyone with ease and convenience.

    By this idea, our beloved kids are trained and exposed to shopping wisely and knowing what they really want. They have a vast resources online and can research on anything that they want in just a fingertips.

    Salute to the people behind the online shopping business.

    Great job!

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