Gift Idea of the Month

MyDayRegistry is a unique online registry that allows you to dedicate and register a specific day to recognize a special person or event in your life. When you dedicate a day to yourself or a loved one, you receive a beautifully framed certificate as proof of registration and ownership. You also receive an online profile that can be personalized with important details about your… Read More »

Dirty Santa Gift Exchange Ideas

Updated For Dirty Santa Gift Exchanges 2013 Just last week I was informed while sipping on my peppermint mocha that we were going to have a dirty Santa gift exchange here in the office and I needed to find some dirty Santa gift exchange ideas. After hearing “dirty Santa” I nearly spit my coffee out thinking what in the name of all that… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review: Custom Bobblehead

[Laughter] “Ohmigod, you didn’t!?!” That’s the reaction you’re looking for when you give a gift…and that’s the reaction you’ll get when your loved one or colleague opens the package to find their own face on a custom bobblehead. Whoopass Enterprises Custom Boobleheads: If you want that kind of wow, you want to check out Whoopass Enterprises. Their seriously fun custom bobbleheads are perfect… Read More »

Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s day gifts can be a challenge to select. Use your imagination to pick your mother’s day gifts based on your mom’s taste and interests and show that you really care. And for all the mothers in your life that are not your own mom, choose meaningful mother’s day gifts that will underline their special role and their love for their children. The… Read More »

Easy Christmas Gift Ideas

How many shopping days until Christmas? Yeah…that’s why it’s time for easy Christmas gift ideas. You know the kind you’re looking for: something your family member, friend, co-worker, or boss is sure to love, and something that won’t give you headaches over size, style, or color. You also want unique ideas so you’re not in that uncomfortable position of giving an item the… Read More »

What to Get the Person Who Has Everything

What to get the person who has everything is a hard question to answer for most of us. Yet it’s practically a law of gift giving that at least one person on our gift shopping list, whether it’s a boss or a grandfather, has everything. So if you’ve been scrounging through ads, surfing the websites, and racking your noggin, then you can stop… Read More »

Original Creations – Gifts that Grow in Value

Original creations are hard to come by when you’re living in a mass-produced world. One reason is that there are few genuinely unique gifts on store shelves. But another reason is that few presents have real value when we give them— and many have less as time goes on. As a result, too many gifts end up in the trash pile after a… Read More »

Modern First Anniversary Gifts

Looking for modern first anniversary gifts that express how much you love your spouse? The modern gift suggestion for this important milestone is a clock. When we hear the word “clock” many of us might imagine the ordinary wall version that hung in our mother’s kitchen. But giving a gift that marks time doesn’t mean you’re stuck buying something dull.   Make a… Read More »

Unique Gift Idea Review:

‘Tis the season for group gifts. That also means ‘tis the season for the folks who organize group purchases to reach for the headache relief. It doesn’t matter whether you’re shopping for the boss or a grandma, the task of collecting money for a group present can sap the joy right out of giving. This year, buying group gifts got a lot easier.… Read More »

Christmas Gifts for Parents

When it comes to Christmas gifts for parents no ordinary gift will do. You’ll want to gift them with something unique and thoughtful, just like them! But what do you get your mom and dad when they’ve given you so many special Christmas gifts and wonderful holiday memories over the years? I’ve got five of the best Christmas gifts for parents, guaranteed to… Read More »

Cute Christmas Gift Ideas

Looking for cute Christmas gift ideas but not sure where to start? It doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for a young niece or an old pal, you want a present that’s charming—the kind that will make everyone coo “Ahh…how sweet!” I love giving those, too; that’s why I’ve searched the best websites for cute Christmas gift ideas perfect for holiday gifting.   Give… Read More »

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